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29 July 2009

A Story Behind The Bars

Today me and my boyfriend visit my friend at Lapas Klas II A Pemuda Tangerang (a jail which located in Tangerang). It was my first experience and it was terrifying. I look around and see nothing but prisoners families, a bunch of people wearing same shirts (prisoners), a lot of police, etc. My friend is a nice guy, he was just caught up in bad situation n time. He was smoking weed n i guess somebody called police so then he got arrested. That is one of my reasons why i don't do drugs. I don't want to be trapped in that situation.
First time i stepped my feet to that place, the one thing that came in my mind was "omg how can he survives this?". The building is very old but looks like it is still well taken care of, it also has a huge green gate that has a tiny door on it. I heard that it is one of Indonesia's first jails.

We wait in line with other people to get in and pay visit to prisoners. After the speaker called my boyfriend's name, we get in to the police's office to get our stuffs checked. After that, we can really go inside the jail to visit my friend.

My friend waved to us, it was really pleasant. I am really relieved that he's doing okay there. I want to hug him but i just can't. I want to cry but i just can't. He looks so skinny like he never ate, he always smiles to us although we know he's in pain. I bought him beef burger cos i assumed jail's food won't be good cos based on what i saw on tv it is just yucky.

On my way to my friend's work place in jail (prisoners have to work inside the jail), i feel uncomfortable. All prisoner's eyes set on me! OMG! It was like they want to eat me or something. My friend told us everything about the jail. He said "Here, there are so many different people. Look over there (he's pointing someone with his chin), he is a drug dealer. Others like murderers, rapers, and so on and so on, is also here. This is the second (or third, i kinda forgot) exile place". I feel like i want to faint.

So then i asked him if there's any prisoners that is sexually abused by other prisoners like what gossip said. Gossip also said that it maybe bcos all women and male's jail is separated so then they become homosexual or at least can be stimulated with others with the same sex. After i asked him that question, he said "Yeah, one prisoner does that and he's now being exiled to Nusa Kambangan (the WORST jail in Indonesia)". I shouldn't have asked that question.

"I'm counting my days", he said. He should be arrested for 10 months but with his good deeds, the judge decided to give out 2 months for him. It is a good thing. He will go out on September. Still 2 months and few days left. But imagining how is it like to be in there, i won't last a day. I believe, he will be a better person after he goes out from that place bcos i know he really is a good person actually.

After 1 hour, we shake our hands and said "goodbye, i'll see you then". He was leading us out to the gate, the farthest place he can go, and said "I want to see Mr. Big! Paul Gilbert will be playing! Shit!". Me and my boyfriend laughed and tease him "You should! oh it will be a great show! too bad ur here. We will send you the video, how's that?". We laughed together and for the last time saying goodbye and waving each other. I said "we will come back to visit you as soon as we get the time". I hope he's not feeling alone.

26 July 2009

What I Like Best About Night Time

I have insomnia, to be honest. I often sleep at 8 or 9AM. I'm kind of enjoying it, but sometimes having problem bcos of it.

What i like best about night time :

1. I love the sound of silence. Day time in Jakarta can be so noisy e.g bus honks, noisy mufflers, crazy yelling people, etc. In night time i found peace and quiet.

2. I love too see few cars on the road, makes me drive easier and don't have to worry about traffic jam.

3. As you know, Indonesia has tropical climate, which means we can see sun all year long. Sun = hot air, skin burn, sunblock, tanned skin (tanned skin is not hot for indonesians), etc, which i don't like. So, i prefer night time, why? Moon = stars, city lights, warm / cold air (depends on the season), lotion, no skin burn, etc.

4. Privacy (if i'm in the house). Day time can be so noisy, the sound of television, my dog's bark, my maid's mumbling (a cute mumble lol, she's on the list of my important person, she's like family), the sound of my brother's PSP / playstation, etc. Look at my older posts, did i ever write things after 9AM? No. I need privacy when i write blog, and i can have it on night time. If i did write it like in 7AM or so on like now, it must be of this insomnia.

5. Less police. Well umm, in this case.. I lost my ID =|.

I always enjoy driving on night time rather than day time. I really love to see city lights from top of the building and taking pictures of them sometimes. I really love how night time smells. It smells different. Maybe bcos in night time many cars or buses or else are 'sleeping' so there are less pollution, or.. I dunno. It is just.. different.

With love,


20 July 2009

#IndonesiaUnite - WE ARE NOT AFRAID!!

Hello Jason Mraz
How are you?

KAMI TIDAK TAKUT means WE ARE NOT AFRAID in english. 3 days since the bombing at JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton here at Jakarta and we Indonesians are still mourning over it. 9 people dead, and many injured. #IndonesiaUnite has been #1 trending topic on twitter. The youth are taking action by saying "We Are Not Afraid" and putting hashtag #indonesiaunite to their every twit. Every indo tweeps adds indonesian flag twibbon to their avatar, many making songs of "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" thing to show that they care. Pandji, who is a public figure and also tweeps, wear a "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" t-shirt on tv and sing the anthem. It really gives me the chill. For the first time i saw my fellow Indonesian really really really unite as one to defend our country and it feels really good knowing that many people still care. Pete Wentz, Michelle Branch, and Joel Madden also supports us on twitter.

I don't know what is the terrorist's purpose. Police assume that the person who's responsible for this is Noordin M. Top, a fugitive foreigner from Malaysia. Still remember Bali Bombing? It was him and Dr. Azahari who did it. Azahari died, but Noordin M. Top is still around.

What's the purpose of terroring? Making people afraid. And now, Indonesian wants to tell him or whoever responsible for this that we are not afraid, and we won. If God wants me dead, then i'll be dead. If not, then i'm not. As simple as that.

Have a great day,
Priska Loves INDONESIA.

15 July 2009

The WHAT and HOW

Hi J :>

I'm not really in the mood for blogging right now but i guess i just can't. I'm a girl who lives in fairytale. I'm a full time day dreamer. I always wish for this and that, and i find myself can't even granted that wish. I really don't believe in myself.

How do you gain such confidence? When you are on stage u look so relaxed. How do you keep your friends by ur side? What will you do if you think that your friends are leaving you but in fact you are the one who's leaving them instead? What do you do to make your dreams come true? How can you blend with so many people?

There are so many things i want to accomplished but i guess i just can't.

Love you,

10 July 2009

Ready Steady Rock!!

Hello Jason Mraz :)
How do you do today?

Do you remember Java Festival Production (JFP)? the event organizer who held JavaJazz Festival? You performed there so i assume you remember :p. This august they will held a rock festival. It called Java Rockin' Land Festival. It will be held for three days (7,8,9 August 2009). This is their first rock fest, but i believe it will be as awsome as JavaJazz bcos i know they are professionals.

This morning i received a direct message on twitter and it's from John Vesely, the (only) member of Secondhand Serenade. He said that he can't wait to perform at Jakarta. I was kinda surprised. I don't expect him to reply my reply (oh how to say it errr) with direct message. After i read it, i was wondering "hmm if he said so, then is it possible that Secondhand Serenade are confirmed to perform at JRL Fest?" then i open JRL Fest's website and then i found his band on confirmed list. Yay!

Confirmed international artists for now are Secondhand Serenade, Mr.Big, Mew, Vertical Horizon, Renaissance Blvd, Motherjane (India), Melee, Jououka, and still much more question mark to replace. Deftones is still on the wish list while Stone Temple Pilots are out (Mr.Big was out of the wish list but then JFP surprises me when i saw it's name on confirmed list). Someone from Jakarta Concerts said JFP wants to surprise the crowd by bringing a surprising artist, some hope it will be Oasis or John Mayer (i hope it will be Michael Jackson or Nirvana, but.. yeah..)

I cant wait for this event! Too bad you won't be performing there, and too bad your Gratitude Cafe Tour did not reach Jakarta :'(. I'm still waiting for you to come here again (i wish). Ok, it's time for me to go to bed. My typhus is getting so much better but i still have to rest, a lot.

Goodnight and good day to you (it's day time in your plac
e i bet. Oh wow i just realized that we are in two completely different worlds lol)


07 July 2009

a t-shirt that has a motion equalizer print on it

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Whoa! u gotta check this out!

Yesterday i found a vendor that makes this t-shirt and i decided to sell it. It's picture can move ups and down along with the beat of the music. It has a sensor so if you turn on the music, it will be flappy. It's kinda cool bcoz this t-shirt is glow in the dark. Oh i wish i can give one to you. Umm.. i think i will, i just have to find out your address :)

Well this are the t-shirts





I sell it for only $25.00 (exclude shipping fee, and not includes battery). anyone want these? just let me know :)

With love,


05 July 2009

When Good Things Gone Bad

Hello Jason Mraz
How do you do today?

Reaching for success is what everyone dream of. But when it really comes true, will they (or even me) be ready? There's this story about a group of guys who almost lost their selves bcos of this thing we called "success". They used to be nice people, well they still are but it's kinda different now. I still like them thou, but only as a person. But when they are gathered in one group.. Err.. I dunno. Well i just take it as "they're not ready yet to taste success" or maybe "at this time they're blinded by their success, but they will get their sight back one day"

Sometimes when you reach on something you wish for, it makes you think you can do anything. Sometimes it makes you arrogant, selfish (in their case, i call it 'group-ish' lol), etc. Success is a good thing, but being success doesn't as good as it seems (i guess). It took you hard work to go there, and it takes more and more hard work to keep you there. Don't lose your selves bcos the wheel of life keeps on spinning.

So, don't let the "success" thing blinds us all :)

Jason this writing is not about you i guarantee. I know you're on top on your success right now but it's not that i tease you or anything, i'm just telling something about what my friends are dealing right now x).

I really have to go to bed right now, yesterday i went to the doctor and she said i got typhus so i have to rest most of the times for at least one week until i get better.

Love ya :)

03 July 2009

Gone Too Soon

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

Here i am, still mourning on MJ's death. I can't stop crying when i hear his songs. He's a legend, influence, icon, amazing musician and person. May he rest in peace. I love you MJ, and i know everyone else does too. Yes, you are right, you are not alone. Angels will always be with you in heaven.

Gone Too Soon - Michael Jackson

With love,

01 July 2009

Thank God, I still can hear

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Happy July!

Yesterday i went to the doctor to check on my ears (i think i have infection going on -again-, like back on those days before Javajazz Festival). My ears are swelling on the inside. It is painful, i barely can hear or even open my mouth to eat, and bcos of that i have to take pain killer most of the time. My ears feel like stabbed by a screwdriver over and over again and it cause a really really really painful headache. I cried last night, i can't stand the pain.

What cause my ear infection? Bcos i rarely clean it? no. It's bcos i clean my ears every day (that's what the doctor said). What did i use to clean my ears? No different than u did, cotton bud. Surprising to see i'm ill bcos i tried to stay clean.

Today i thank God to not let me lose my hearing. I mean not that ear infection can cause loss of hearing (or maybe it can?), but at least i can take a look around those who are less lucky than i am and i thank God i still can hear, although this is very painful. I am very close to not hear a thing, eventho it's temporary (well as u know, i can barely hear).

Have a great day :),