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01 July 2009

Thank God, I still can hear

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Happy July!

Yesterday i went to the doctor to check on my ears (i think i have infection going on -again-, like back on those days before Javajazz Festival). My ears are swelling on the inside. It is painful, i barely can hear or even open my mouth to eat, and bcos of that i have to take pain killer most of the time. My ears feel like stabbed by a screwdriver over and over again and it cause a really really really painful headache. I cried last night, i can't stand the pain.

What cause my ear infection? Bcos i rarely clean it? no. It's bcos i clean my ears every day (that's what the doctor said). What did i use to clean my ears? No different than u did, cotton bud. Surprising to see i'm ill bcos i tried to stay clean.

Today i thank God to not let me lose my hearing. I mean not that ear infection can cause loss of hearing (or maybe it can?), but at least i can take a look around those who are less lucky than i am and i thank God i still can hear, although this is very painful. I am very close to not hear a thing, eventho it's temporary (well as u know, i can barely hear).

Have a great day :),


- Jan - said...

Yes, we need to be thankful for everything, even things that are seem insignificant.
And yes, aku orang Indo juga =)

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