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24 January 2010

Johnny Depp's Death Hoax

Ok, this is SUPER NOT FUNNY! Someone apparently made this Johnny Depp's death joke on twitter and people keep on retweeting that rubbish. This event even beats Haiti on trending topics. Purpleslinky.com published that he found dead in his Paris home, which is so not true. Some even say that he died of a car crash.

I wonder what Johnny Depp would react after he sees that joke.

Triple Sick

So i got sick again. So does Nero and Bella.

Me and Bella both has flu, and as for Nero, he gets the worst. He's poisoned. He's been lying in bed for two days now. Yesterday my mom brought Nero and Bella to our vet, Dr. Gustav Ananta Mueller, and got home with bad news. Both our cats are sick and so am i.

As for myself, i got this flu for almost 5 days now and haven't recovered. Sorry i can't tell you much cos truth is i can't stand my eyes for more than 2 hrs in front of my PC. My headache is getting worse.

Pray for us!


17 January 2010


Remember my arch enemy i told you about?

Last night i was waiting for my friend in The East Building Mega Kuningan, in front of a lounge to be exact (kinda forget its name), i didn't go in cos someone seems to booked the whole lounge for a birthday party. So anyway, as i sat and wait for my friend to show up, i accidentally turn my head to the left looking at the hallway to the toilet and was having a surprise. My arch enemy showed up with her friend and seemed like attending the birthday party, she walked right in front of me. I'm not sure if she saw me or maybe she did me but pretend that she didn't.

It was pretty awkward.

14 January 2010

If I Can Do Mind Reading

I've been thinking about this lately. What if i can read minds? Thats kinda cool but scary as well. It's cool if i read the minds of my haters or arch enemies or even people i hate but it's scary if i read the minds of people who i think they like me but in fact they don't.

If i can do mind reading, i will read the minds of people i already put on the list. Here are those people (I won't give you names cos that's rude) :

1. My boyfriend's ex
There's always something about ex, right? I don't know why but i think this girl is kinda annoying. I don't even like her at all, she once tried to seduced my boyfriend. Duh! I don't know if it is called seducing but from where i stands it se
emed like it. I wanted to know whats in her mind, what she feels for him right now. She dumped my boyfriend once and she feel sorry about that and said it to my boyfriend. It's ok with me at first, but then i heard about the seducing thingy and i got like "WTF"!! So, yeah.. i guess it will be nice to read her mind.

2. My arch enemy
There's this girl who hates me sooo much. It's like every time someone mentions my name she will be showing this cold hearted bitchy face.. i guess. Well, nearly 7 years ago she thought i was stealing her boyfriend which in fact i don't. She broke up with him for God's sake! How can i stole him if they already broke up? I didn't even know her before she and her friends terrorized me. I was only 13 at the moment, she was 15. Gimme a break. Her hatred onto me is still going on until this second i wrote this stuff. I thought it would be nice if we just let it go and be friends.. well not really but at least not enemies. I mean i'm through with that, why wouldn't she? That 'boy' i was talking about even already has a new girlfriend right now and they are really in a happy relationship! and even me and my arch enemy already has boyfriend now. It's so awkward how she still hates me for some expired reasons.

3. My best friend
She has a thing i couldn't share with you here that makes me wanna read her mind and change its direction if possible.

This is the one i want to read THE MOST!! He's been hacking me for these past three weeks and i'm so very annoyed with it! He logged into my facebook account and PLAY with it like its some kind of game or something. I have important data there. I connect with my customers there, my cousins, my old friends, etc. He removed 300 names from my friend list and added random people to it which i don't like btw. Plus he stole my zynga poker chips! It happens for more than 7 times so now i really hate him and curious, what is it that he wants?? Why did he do that??

There are the list of people who i really don't want to read their mind cos they seems nice and friendly and lovely so i don't want to spoil the surprise. The people on the photo below is on the list (guess, which one am i?)


12 January 2010

My New Best Friend

Hospital is it's name.

I've been suffering this ear infection since 2009. I've posted about it before. My ear still hurts and i don't know why it would't heal. My hearing is decreasing little by little. I can't hear as clear as i was and it's not fun.

This is the problem starter :

Yes yes.. COTTON BUD IT IS!!! Stay the hell out of it!

10 January 2010

Kaskus Design Competition

Kaskus.us is holding a design competition right now and i decided to contribute. Idk what the prize is and i don't care. I'm just happy to filled my boredom with something useful like designing. So, here are my submissions :

1. Kaskus FJB Advertisement

2. Kaskus "Freedom of Speech" Ad / Wallpaper

3. Kaskus "Keyboard" Ad / Wallpaper

I'm thinking to submit more tho. Maybe later. I did this for my personal satisfaction anyway.

And finally, this is my fav one. This is NOT my submission. Here's the owner : http://kurniadi.deviantart.com, and this is his submission :

cool right ;)

09 January 2010

My Cat Pooped in My Brother's Cupboard

I was looking for her and i can't find her anywhere. I remember she ran into my brother's room with Nero on 2pm today. So i take a peek to my brother's room and find Nero lying on the bed by himself. "Where the heck is Bella", i was thinking. I searched her on her fav spot but still can't find her anywhere. That's until i smelt something not nice. I followed that scent and it lead me to my brother's cupboard. I opened the door and found Bella sat there alone in the dark. So i carry her and was making sure that nothing happens to her. Then, this is the yucky part, i was still curious about that disgusting smell, that's when i found out Bella pooped in the cupboard.

the lazy Nero

She was trapped in there for about 7 hours. Where else should she dumped the shit? I was laughing so hard at the time but then zip my mouth when i remembered "ew.. she has poop clings to her butt. i have to clean it up"

Taking cat to a bath is hard. But we (me and my boyfriend) did it in 1 1/2 hour! Yay! Finally Bella is now clean again.

Bella after bath

She is a curious cat. A few days ago the electricity on my house was out for a moment then my mom light up some candles. Bella was curious about the candles and smelt it and guess what, her left mustache is half gone ~_~. Too bad we were late to stop the mustache burn thing. But she's ok now :D. Let's hope she'll not make anything stupid to harm herself again in future.


I Was Bored

So i drew this on adobe photoshop for fun.


I didn't get any better ~_~

08 January 2010

Fashion Mistake

what was she thinking??

Big Heart Breaks Easy

Some people i knew always look for me whenever they injured from broken heart. So i consider myself as a garbage disposal. They throw their shits to me then they feel relieved, at least decrease their burden. It's not that i don't want to hear them whining, in fact i'm happy to know the fact that they can decrease their burden after talking to me, but i'm curious about this thing people called love.

It's how love can make people feel imbecile and fragile. Love suppose to be fun, but i guess it wouldn't be fun after all when the person you love hurt you, right. I was injured, and not once. But i healed. This is what i'm trying to say to my dear friends. The wound can heal. Just bring your best positive attitude and gratitude to your love problem, and it will heal really fast.

"Positive attitude? Ok. But GRATITUDE?? Cmon"

That might be your question. Well, for me gratitude is some kind of remedy to everything bad. E.g, if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you, just think "oh this is good. God loves me, He didn't want me to be with that jerk so He let me caught him cheating so i can broke up with him. Thank you, dear God". Got me? No? Ok..

This is a quote from me : "If somebody hurt you, just consider it a lesson for you to make you stronger so then you can decrease the possibility for someone new to hurt you"


I sounded like i blabber wasn't i?

But yeah, it's how i heal. It's hard, i know. But you have to try or the wound will stay. Don't like my ideas? It's truly ok :). I was just giving suggestions.

My Rusty Car

Needs to be fixed or simply sell it and buy a new one. But that wouldn't be easy. My dad didn't let me. My question was WHY! That car was a total mess and needs to be fixed but neither my mom or dad want to give the money to get it done, and when i said "Ok, let's just sell it then" my dad was like, "NNNOOOOO!!"

I mean, cmon. They didn't want to repair it then why bother keeping it?

06 January 2010

Marker Hand Drawing

I started to fell in love with it today. This is my messy hand drawing called Pretender.
Tools : Marker (Snowman) and a little bit of photoshop retouch to make it more contrast.

05 January 2010

The Perfect Collaboration

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = one great collaboration.

I am a fan of Tim Burton's work. The collaborations with my fav actor, Johnny Depp, in Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd both won an oscar and got three oscar nominations (both movies). In Ed Wood, in fact, they won two oscars. That's why i said it's a perfect collaboration. My fav Tim Burton's movie is still Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. However, i'm waiting for the release of Alice in Wonderland, i think it will be a great. Johnny Depp will play Mad Hatter in this movie.

Yesterday when i was googling for fun then i typed Tim Burton and had a link to his website. I entered and found a counter 1-10 in flash of Tim Burton's drawing. Then after the loading thing was finished i entered the main page and i was like, wow. You should check it out : http://www.timburton.com

I now searching for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's DVDs, such as Edward Scissorhand, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Sweeney Todd. Still can' get enough of those movies. I want to watch it more and more and more and more.

03 January 2010


Happy New Year 2010!

Sooo.. my resolutions are :

1. Loss weight
2. Get a job or
3. Run a business
4. Teach my bf to drive a car
5. Adopting more cats
6. Volunteering on Pejaten Shelter
7. Continue my writing

So.. yeah! Happy new year!