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09 January 2010

My Cat Pooped in My Brother's Cupboard

I was looking for her and i can't find her anywhere. I remember she ran into my brother's room with Nero on 2pm today. So i take a peek to my brother's room and find Nero lying on the bed by himself. "Where the heck is Bella", i was thinking. I searched her on her fav spot but still can't find her anywhere. That's until i smelt something not nice. I followed that scent and it lead me to my brother's cupboard. I opened the door and found Bella sat there alone in the dark. So i carry her and was making sure that nothing happens to her. Then, this is the yucky part, i was still curious about that disgusting smell, that's when i found out Bella pooped in the cupboard.

the lazy Nero

She was trapped in there for about 7 hours. Where else should she dumped the shit? I was laughing so hard at the time but then zip my mouth when i remembered "ew.. she has poop clings to her butt. i have to clean it up"

Taking cat to a bath is hard. But we (me and my boyfriend) did it in 1 1/2 hour! Yay! Finally Bella is now clean again.

Bella after bath

She is a curious cat. A few days ago the electricity on my house was out for a moment then my mom light up some candles. Bella was curious about the candles and smelt it and guess what, her left mustache is half gone ~_~. Too bad we were late to stop the mustache burn thing. But she's ok now :D. Let's hope she'll not make anything stupid to harm herself again in future.



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