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27 December 2009

Guys Who'll Always Makes Me Say Ooh n Aahs

Here are the guys who will always makes me look like this --> MySpace

1. Chris Pine, or should we say, Chris Fine :D

2. Chace Crawford

3. Bradley Cooper

4. Zac Efron

Typical isn't it? Yeah, they're so my type. Every time i saw these guys on the screen I was like, OMG, how can God creates such a face and bodies. These hunks got me nosebleed!

And here are the guys who will always makes me look like this --> MySpace

1. Jason Mraz
He'll always have a place, he's my fav, my inspiration, or whatsoever, u name it. I love his songs, his writings, they gave me so many inspirations and motivations and even a reason to be lived by his song called "Life Is Wonderful". My love for this man is too huge. I want to say thanks to him for being a great role model for me.

2. Johnny Depp
I start to fell in love with his acting in his role on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as Willy Wonka. He's a great actor. I was like, WOOOOWW (with my mouth opened till the end of the movie), every time i saw his movies. Now i can't wait for the release of Alice In Wonderland. Johnny Depp will play Mad Hatter :)

That's it for today.



26 December 2009


If life were a movie, then it would be interesting. It will lead to a happy ending with a lot of conflicts before. If life were a movie based on a script someone writes, then life would be straight. It will follow the story line. But life isn't following a script. Life is more.

I am a movie buff and i like to day dream about what is it like if i were 'that' person in 'that' movie. I often cried after i watched one. I want to put more colors to my life but i don't know how. I am a nobody with nothing i could be proud of. Oh.. i actually proud of one thing, i am proud to have a boyfriend every girl dream about. He's the one who's always be there for me. He is the only one, and always will be. I am alone without him.

Do you know how does it feels like to think about suicidal every single day of your life? I do. This is the one thing i've never really talked about to anyone. You, whoever read this, is the first one i told. If i don't believe in God then i would be dead by now.

Life, actually, is about making choices, i know. But making choices isn't that simple. For me it takes a lot of efforts, a lot of energy, and a lot to think about. Life isn't that simple for me. I've been through a lot of conflicts, a lot of depressions, a lot of suffering, a lot of crying, a lot of stumble, but no happy ending. What is happy ending actually? I don't know yet.

I know a lot of people, but i have no friends. I have mom and two dads and a brother, but i got no family.

I want to get on my own feet and do something with my life, but i don't think i can. How can people get so confident living their lives? I want to learn something about confidence. I want to learn how to live a good life. I want to have one. I want colors. All i got is just black and white. The black n white itself comes from my boyfriend. Without that black and white, i'm solid black. See, i got colors. Black and white. But wouldn't it be more interesting if i add some reds or purple or yellow? I can't buy those colors from a store. I have to find it someway.

Life IS a movie, BUT, we ourselves are the scriptwriter. We decides what to say, what's the story line, what to do next, etc. We also decides if "our movie" will have happy endings or it will be not. I'm still working on my storyline, and i will finish it in an interesting way. I'm still working on that, i'm still finding a way to be a good scriptwriter.

I've dropped so many tears tonight writing on this blog. This is the first time i wrote what i really feel inside.

For my boyfriend :
"if you are reading this, which i know you are / will, i want to thank you for giving me a reason to be lived. i would be lost if you weren't lead me the way. i want to thank you for being my only family. i want to thank you for letting me know how does it feels like to be loved and love someone. thank you for everything in you."


23 December 2009


I'm confused of "what business should i run" thing. I've been staring at my computer for three days straight looking for suppliers but yet i don't know what kind of business i want to run, so that's kinda confusing.


1. Garment Industry
I was selling t-shirts before and has positive feedback from my customers. It was profitable, i got at least IDR1,5 - 2mil from each project. In one month i mostly got 2 - 3 projects to run. Initial capital? IDR ZERO! Yes, ZERO. Profitable isn't it?

2. Selling Woman's Accessories
Such as earrings, bracelet, handmade necklace, etc etc. My initial capital was IDR3mil but almost no return. I don't know but i guess i was too lazy to advertise those accessories so then i rarely (literally rarely) got buyers.

3. Selling an Iconic Toy
Kaskus (the largest Indonesian forum) has this icon called "MAHO" (manusia homo). Everybody in Kaskus knows what Maho is, and almost everybody loves it, so i tried to make a toy of it, a doll to be exact. I sell it for only IDR40k ($4). It was great at the beginning but suck at the end. I ordered 50 dolls to my supplier 6 months ago n now i still have 30 dolls left and ended up giving it free to my friends.

4. Online Marketing Business
Nah.. a waste of time.

5. Worked at Prudential, an insurance company
It's a great business tho but it's just not me. I'm still interested at this business but i still have considerations. This business takes a lot of my time, i was still at univ, i didn't have that much time to give to this business.

WHAT BUSINESS I WANT TO RUN (for now, hopefully it will be permanent) :
These just popped into my head three days ago but i still have to consider it and make calculations etc etc.

1. Selling Pet Supplies
I love animals. I want to make a dog bed or dog sofa or cat condo or cat scratcher or / and dog / cat collars, leashes, shampoos, vitamins, grooming kit, etc.

2. Selling Baby Furnishing
I'm not sure about this but it's worth to try.

3. Selling Pillows
I'm comfortable around pillows so.. yeah.'

4. Selling Rattan Furnitures

5. Doing F&B Industry with my BF
Opening a small f&b store sounds good.

I have to pick one x(, i can't do them all. Or can? *think.. think*

  • Sewing Machine -- I want to learn how to sew my own pillowcase or dog beds
  • Dacron Supplier -- cheap price high quality (if possible)
  • Fabric Supplier -- such as fur fabric (velboa), cambric, etc
  • Rattan Supplier -- cheap price (almost all rattan craft in Indonesia has the same quality, they're all good, so why bother buying the expensive ones?)
  • Tailor! -- to teach me how to sew :p
  • (OOT) Dress & Shoes -- for me to wear on my best friend's surprise party on 27th, i don't have anything proper to wear. Dress code : BLACK.. Sounds like a funeral :/..
Oooo.. which business should i run???

"Being Adult Is A Bitch" - Priska Paramitha a.k.a HelloBello

If I Have 10 Thumbs Then I'll Give 10 Thumbs Up

James Cameron did an awesomely great sci-fi movie! I was drowned into the story, as if i'm in the movie. Great story of loyalty, human/alien arogancy (here in this movie we, humans, are the alien), great war, awesome effects, awesome forest (i wish earth has one like that O.o). I've watched so many alien movies (which usually have same story line etc etc) but i never had good impressions of those movies, but this one.. I really don't have the right word to describe my astonishment to James Cameron's work. Totally awesome. Best i've seen in 2009 side by side with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

20 December 2009

Omegle! Talk With Strangers!

"Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like."
That is Omegle's description written on omegle.com front page. I've tried omegling a couple of times, mostly when i'm bored. It's fun cos you can talk whatever you please to a stranger. I can find perverts >:(, nice stranger to talk to, annoying b*tch, nerds, or even bored strangers like i am. Then i found a blog on tumblr called "Omegle", there we can submit our funny omegle conversation or simply just read people's submission. I laughed so hard when i read http://omegle.tumblr.com. Here's a few submission on omegle.tumblr.com. ENJOY :D!

This is what you get when you role play!
Submitted by Erika!

Not a good pick up line..
Submitted by manon

Submitted by Audi

Submitted by emmeline

Submitted by vivalanyla

Hope you enjoy! And you should try it once in a while. It's fun xD