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24 June 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

Hello Jason Mraz :)

I'm sorry i'm kinda late. I was busy working on the t-shirts i sell these days. So many orders i cant handle alone. This is sad, you are celebrating your birthday and yet i can't give you anything but this writing :(. Yesterday i found some interesting cake pictures on a website, i'd like to give the real cake to you but i dunno where the store is, well even if i knew i still dunno how to give it to you.

Yeah, they're cakes, not pepsi cans or shoe or laptop whatsoever. Interesting, huh?

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JASON MRAZ :). Best wishes for you.

With so much love,


17 June 2009

Funny Elementary

Hello Jason Mraz :)

I'm watching wizards of waverly place on disney channel right now. Some people said disney channel is for kids but i dont really care. I love cartoons and everything. Anyway, yesterday i heard about my elementary friend's marriage settlement, her name is Vrenny. It was surprising and very exciting at the same time. She was my best friend back then on elementary school. I remember we used to play baseball together and also dancing all around at her / my house like a couple of crazy kids. I still love her though. Last time we met is about a couple of months ago in a reunion. She introduced her fiance (or boyfriend, i dunno whether they're engaged or not back then actually) to me. I love my elementary friends. They never forget each other and still be friends until forever. They are my friends forever :)

I think that's all for today. Have a great day Jason. Love ya'

10 June 2009

Every Second Worth

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Good morning! I haven't got any sleep yet today x(

A few minutes ago i received a call from a friend offered me a one month job as an MC in Jakarta Fair, one of the biggest event in Jakarta. He only gave me half a minute to think about the offer, not much time to say NO to a job, and i said yes. Now, i'm like "why did i said YES??".

One single word and it will make one month of my times completely ruined. I will be performing every single night from 7-10PM for a month! why why why did i take that offer. Why did i regret saying yes to a job? Well it's simple. I never thought someone will offer me a job as an MC. It is not my thing actually, i'm not that good at dealing with crowds. It is true that i have so many free times during my recess (i put in for leave to my campus), but i also got so many things to do. If i take that job then i'll put so many things on hold and i don't think that would be a good idea. It took me one second to say yes to one month in hell x(.

Every second's worth, true. I already put my example below. What about many other things? Here in Indonesia you can find beggars anywhere, even in the most spotted hangout places. Sad isn't it? If i put my shoes onto theirs, then i guess i will be more appreciate my every second, every peny, every single words in my life.

Another example from me. These past few weeks i wasted so many times sleeping instead of hanging out with my friends. How can i not? when i sleep, they're doing their routines. When i'm doing mine, they're sleeping. I'm having insomnia i guess, i sleep at 11AM and wake up at 7PM. What is actually my routines? i'm designing t-shirt all night long and busy promoting them to one forum to another, also hanging out with my BF (yes, we both have insomnia). Now my friends are gone. My cellphone is rarely ringing, my twitter is in a crisis, my facebook is so dead, etc. Who's to blame? Me, for wasting so many precious seconds in my life. Ooo i miss them so much :'(.

Here are some photos of me with my beloved friends

and finally.. the photo of me and my friends at JavaJazz Festival 2009. I'm the only one without uniform :(. I told you about what's going on that day on my first post.

Have a great day :),

09 June 2009

Question of The Day, Why?

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Happy righteous day to you too

What is the purpose of this blog? i dunno. Maybe i want you to see this but i guess i'm just dreaming. That's not really the reason why i made this blog. I was wondering why did i. I'm a fan of yours since 2005 but i really don't have any courage to show people that i like you a lot, well my BF knew (ofcourse). It comes to my mind to join your mailing list, or your official forum, or else, but i don't know. I'm afraid. Silly isn't it? Maybe that's one of the reason why i made this blog. I can express myself through this. I don't have to worry on how people will react bcos i don't really know them. All of this times i put my writings to you on my books (i wrote it on random books).

I have the opportunity once to draft you my letter t
hrough Agnes (i mentioned her before). I spent so much times writing those letters, selecting the perfect sentences and words, wasting so much papers to wrote the same thing over and over again until i finally satisfied with my writing. But then what? I didn't give it to Agnes. Why? Yes, i am afraid. Why am i afraid? Well i was thinking that it might disturb you. Being you is difficult i suppose. Running from one country to another, pretend to be happy although your in a bad mood, and so on. I know you are a busy person and having almost no free time, so i guess if you're having any, you will use it well and maybe wouldnt read my stupid unimportant letter. I know i sound narrow.

Should i call it a phobia? No i guess not. It's just me being negative. I'm a negative thinking person, i must say. I'm facing so much in my life. Well i will not blame anyone or anything happens in my past life. Some of my friends have funny phobias lol. My boyfriend for example, he has phobia on dentist (it's a common thing so let's try another one :p). My boyfriend's friend, Ilman, is having this phobia on soups. Everytime he sees or smelling soup, he ran away. Once i made soup for my boyfriend's birthday and Ilman stays outside and wont come in to the house lol. Then we hide the soup at the kitchen so he can come inside. But my other friends still teased him with it.

Why can people have phobias? Some of them is bcos of their experience in past. But some of them even dont knwo where does it come from. Just like me. I don't know why am i afraid to pass my letter to Agnes that time. I dunno why am i afraid to join your forum or leave a comment in your blog. I am working on my courage :).

You know, wroting those 4 paragraphs took me almost 3 hours of typing. Haha. Still confused on what to write :p

Hope you enjoy your day


07 June 2009

Seven Thirty Sushi

Hello Jason Mraz :). Happy weekend! I wonder what you're doing today.. hmm

Last night i went out saturday-night-ing with my boyfriend. We watched a movie called "Drag Me To Hell". That scary movie makes a non-stop screaming in the theatre studio. Well i actually didn't watch anything bcos i'm blocking my eyes from the screen with popcorn box all the times. After 2 hours of screaming, me and my BF got hungry and figure it will be nice to have sushi so we went to DimSum Festival at Kemang to have some. After i got home, i figure something about sushi on google.

There's this Japanese guy who loves sushi and sashimi very much, Mr. Shota Fujiwara is his name. He developes a severe headache
and has put it off as migraine and stress from work. It was only when he started losing his psycomotor skills that he seeks medical help. A brain scan and x-ray reveals little however. But upon closer inspection by a specialist on his scalp, the doctor noticed small movements beneath his skin. It was then that the doctor did a local anaesthetic to his scalp and discovered the cause when tiny worms crawled out. A major surgery was thus immediately called for and the extent of the infestation was horrific.

Do you wanna see the picture? I don't really recommend it, Jason. But whatever, here it is..

Ugh! I got sick everytime i see this picture. Here's something you should know, i copy paste it from the direct link : Tapeworms and roundworms and their eggs which abounds in all fishes fresh or saltwater can only be killed by thorough cooking and/or freezing the fish to between 4 degC - 0 degsC. The eggs of these parasites can only be killed if it is cooked or frozen to the said temperatures for a week or more.

What a SHOCKING day x(


06 June 2009

wow! my first post!

Hello Mr. Jason Mraz :) how are u today?

Well since this is my first post so i guess i'll just introduce myself to you (again, bcos i already did it in my letter, well i never mailed it.. well.. yeah >,<). My name is Priska, i am Indonesian. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Well u've been here once so i guess u knew about Jakarta lol. I remember the first time i heard your song, it was 'I Melt With You'. I didn't know who's the singer at first haha but i kept on sing it. 2005 - my friend, Prama, told me about you. At first i was like, "huh? who's that?", then he said "the singer of you and i both and remedy", and i was like "huh?? still dunno" lol. Well i tried to figure out about you. I bought your CD (Mr.A-Z) and that's the time when i became your fan (and ofcourse the time i knew that it is you who sing "I Melt With You" :p)

You came to Jakarta and play your tunes at JavaJazz Festival 2009 in about 3 months ago and i was so excited (how can i not? i'm waiting since 2005 :d). I was applying for volunteer workers to Javajazz and i got accepted. Lucky me, i accepted in the artist department and i work with Agnes (she's the one who's keep in touch with your manager, i'm the one who's checking the documents). 2 days of working there, i got sick and have to be hospitalized for a week :(. Unlucky me, Agnes has found a new person to replace me. Shyyyyyttttt!! I was crying that day, and it was getting louder when i know that my boyfriend's (he's a volunteer too) boss hasn't replace him (my boyfriend stays with me all the time when i was hospitalized, so he doesnt go to the office for a week). I'm the only one who's ill and got fired huhuhu :'(.

A week before Javajazz Festival 2009, my boyfriend stays at Sultan with other Javajazz crews. Sometimes i go to Sultan to visit him, waiting in the restaurant in the lobby until he's finished with his work. 5 March 2009, a day before Javajazz started, everyone is talking about you. Rumors said that u will be arrived at Sultan at 11pm that day, but since i was the one who's making the note of your flight and arrival and everything, so i didn't belive the rumors. But the marketing team kept on saying it was true so then i tried to proof it lol *stupid stupid stupid*. I waited in restaurant at the lobby from 9PM to 3AM but i didn't see anything about you. Not even your hat lol. I got tired and i got home and said "hah! why belive such rumors when i know exactly when Jason Mraz will arive. stupid me" lol.

6 March 2009, u arrive at Sultan in the morning and my luckiest friend, Rissa -who's in a hurry bringing unfinished IDs-, was in one same elevator as you are! boohooohoooo :( i'm jealous. My luckiest boyfriend's hotel room is on the same floor as you are! BOOHOOOHOOOO :((. When he told me about it, i was like "what?? which room?" :p.

(still) 6 March 2009 - night time, everyone was getting ready for your concert. 4PM and u can already see people queueing to your concert which starts on 7PM (i dunno why people want to wait in line for 3 hours when they can 'not queueing' on 6.45 *i did, and i didn't wait in line bcos people already in the ballroom hehe*). It was the first time i saw your concert, wow!. It was also the first time i cried in a concert. I was so happyy :), but then sad bcos i can't go to ur concert on second day bcos the tickets are veryyyyy expensive. Do you know? 3 months ago your concert ticket was so rare (it was sold out in Javajazz only for a 2 weeks since they sell it) so then people who owns excess tickets sold it with a damn high price. I bought your ticket since the first day Javajazz sell it so i didnt bought it with high price hehe.

So i guess it is all for my long introduction lol. I'm getting tired, i need some sleeeeppp. It is 11.27AM here and i'm still awake and having no sleep at all yesterday.