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06 June 2009

wow! my first post!

Hello Mr. Jason Mraz :) how are u today?

Well since this is my first post so i guess i'll just introduce myself to you (again, bcos i already did it in my letter, well i never mailed it.. well.. yeah >,<). My name is Priska, i am Indonesian. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Well u've been here once so i guess u knew about Jakarta lol. I remember the first time i heard your song, it was 'I Melt With You'. I didn't know who's the singer at first haha but i kept on sing it. 2005 - my friend, Prama, told me about you. At first i was like, "huh? who's that?", then he said "the singer of you and i both and remedy", and i was like "huh?? still dunno" lol. Well i tried to figure out about you. I bought your CD (Mr.A-Z) and that's the time when i became your fan (and ofcourse the time i knew that it is you who sing "I Melt With You" :p)

You came to Jakarta and play your tunes at JavaJazz Festival 2009 in about 3 months ago and i was so excited (how can i not? i'm waiting since 2005 :d). I was applying for volunteer workers to Javajazz and i got accepted. Lucky me, i accepted in the artist department and i work with Agnes (she's the one who's keep in touch with your manager, i'm the one who's checking the documents). 2 days of working there, i got sick and have to be hospitalized for a week :(. Unlucky me, Agnes has found a new person to replace me. Shyyyyyttttt!! I was crying that day, and it was getting louder when i know that my boyfriend's (he's a volunteer too) boss hasn't replace him (my boyfriend stays with me all the time when i was hospitalized, so he doesnt go to the office for a week). I'm the only one who's ill and got fired huhuhu :'(.

A week before Javajazz Festival 2009, my boyfriend stays at Sultan with other Javajazz crews. Sometimes i go to Sultan to visit him, waiting in the restaurant in the lobby until he's finished with his work. 5 March 2009, a day before Javajazz started, everyone is talking about you. Rumors said that u will be arrived at Sultan at 11pm that day, but since i was the one who's making the note of your flight and arrival and everything, so i didn't belive the rumors. But the marketing team kept on saying it was true so then i tried to proof it lol *stupid stupid stupid*. I waited in restaurant at the lobby from 9PM to 3AM but i didn't see anything about you. Not even your hat lol. I got tired and i got home and said "hah! why belive such rumors when i know exactly when Jason Mraz will arive. stupid me" lol.

6 March 2009, u arrive at Sultan in the morning and my luckiest friend, Rissa -who's in a hurry bringing unfinished IDs-, was in one same elevator as you are! boohooohoooo :( i'm jealous. My luckiest boyfriend's hotel room is on the same floor as you are! BOOHOOOHOOOO :((. When he told me about it, i was like "what?? which room?" :p.

(still) 6 March 2009 - night time, everyone was getting ready for your concert. 4PM and u can already see people queueing to your concert which starts on 7PM (i dunno why people want to wait in line for 3 hours when they can 'not queueing' on 6.45 *i did, and i didn't wait in line bcos people already in the ballroom hehe*). It was the first time i saw your concert, wow!. It was also the first time i cried in a concert. I was so happyy :), but then sad bcos i can't go to ur concert on second day bcos the tickets are veryyyyy expensive. Do you know? 3 months ago your concert ticket was so rare (it was sold out in Javajazz only for a 2 weeks since they sell it) so then people who owns excess tickets sold it with a damn high price. I bought your ticket since the first day Javajazz sell it so i didnt bought it with high price hehe.

So i guess it is all for my long introduction lol. I'm getting tired, i need some sleeeeppp. It is 11.27AM here and i'm still awake and having no sleep at all yesterday.



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