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31 March 2010

Entering The Month of April

Indah's room, March 31st 2010, 1:02AM.
Now Playing : Greatest Cure by Adhitia Sofyan

I just got here from Mitra Hospital, the place where Vega's at. I met a bunch of old friends there, including my high-school crush. They're all worried sick about Vega's condition. If my last post said he still can smile, well.. forget i ever said that. How could i told him to smile in such condition? No. He can't smile. He  barely can even open his eyes today. I touched his arm, held it, and whispered, "you'll be okay soon". I stood there not more than a minute and i walk out. I can't see him like that. I just can't. I sat with my friends in the waiting room for hours, waiting for a miracle to happen. It may not be today, but i believe the lady luck will save him, maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, and so on.

In April 1st i will be turning 21. I beg God to give me the most wonderful present of all, his recovery.

As his mother keep on asking my friends if they have Vega's photograph and ask them to print it in big size, which we know what she means, we didn't think she's helping, not even staying positive.

I believe there's still hope. Pray for him, dear readers. I need you guys to pray for him. That's all i ever ask.

29 March 2010

Be Strong, My Dear Friend.

3.22AM, i was in the middle of my sleep then my blackberry rang and woke me up. A text message from a friend came in, as i read it with my eyes still on blur, i suddenly jumped off my bed, rubbed my eyes a couple of times to make sure i didn't misread, and replied.

Let me introduce you to my amazing friend Yovega Ardyarista, Vega, for short. He'll be 22 in May 26th. This strong man is everybody's best friend. He's a good listener, a joker, and loves to mock people with his joke. No one take it seriously, thou.

"Our friend, Yovega, is now in serious pain. His heart is only 50% functioning. He's now paralyzed and barely can even speak, but still can hear. Let's pray and give our best to him."

That's the text message's content.

I still don't know what causes his illness. What i know now is, i am sad for him to experience this whole thing. He's young and seemed healthy. No one expect this to happen to him. Now i know the true meaning of unexpected.

"Be strong, my dear friend, for you are not functioning 100% right now but we, your friends, believe someday you will stand with your feet and mock us with your stupid jokes again. Chin up, my friend, you have dozens of best friends who'll always support you and give their very best. You barely can speak, but you can still smile. Keep the smile to let us know u are staying strong, not only for yourself, but for us also. We may not keep in touch for a while, but you have to know, u'll always have a place. You may heard this a thousands of times, but we'll keep saying 'Get well soon, Yovega. We all love you from the deepest of our sinful hearts'. All the best for you, Vega."


28 March 2010

- Girls -

- Credits -
Girl in box by PastALpestO-stOck
Other girl by samanthadravenstock
Flooring by steamed-pepsi-stock
Vintage phone by lobe-stock
Bed + bookshelf background by paulussebastian

- The Unexpected View -

- Credits -
Baby with pink tutu by stockmichelle
Sky & balloons by Dracoart-Stock
Red flowers by blackkitty666
Yellow flowers by 333half-evil-stock

== All photo-manipulating by me, using Adobe Photoshop CS ==

More of my artworks : http://jakartaberdansa.deviantart.com

27 March 2010

"No, I will not declare myself as a photographer. I suck at photography. I'm a photo-manipulator.. I think :s."

This Is What I Do For Fun

Title : Alice?

Title : Blown Away

Many thanks to :


* JavierZhX, and
(Blown Away)

"Thanks for letting me use your stocks, combine, and manipulate those into these art works"

Priska / JakartaBerdansa on deviantART

26 March 2010

The Awkward Nausea

It's awkward to say but i have some issues of hearing a specific music genre. Idk whats the name of the genre. Don't get me wrong, i love the music. i love the songs. Basically i am a music lover. BUT, yes.. there's a but, in that genre, and that genre only, i can't hear more than two or three songs or i will be having stomach ache, headache, and literally throw up or burps a lot afterwards.

Actually idk if those kinda songs are in one genre or not, but.. well.. idk how to describe you the kind of songs i'm trying to explain, so i made it short by calling it a genre :P.

I remember buying a CD from a great local band, Efek Rumah Kaca, played it in my car and was having fun listening to their cool songs until i felt a little bit nauseated on track 3, i kept on continuing to track 4 and that's when i thought 'i've had enough'. I turn it off and felt so much better. That's the first time i heard that kind of music, and it seem they're the one who made it kind of popular in Indonesia.

Other case, a friend recommend me an album. It called Beat Box or Black Box or something, by Miss Kittin. I bought the CD, listen to it, enjoying it, and it was happening again, the nausea thing. Same thing goes to Bjork's songs.


It's annoying when you are actually want to hear the songs but you are technically can't!

23 March 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, i wan't to tell you that i am ungrateful for i am a member in this family. Jealousy, is what i feel when i hear a friend talk about unimportant things of their mom, telling me or simply post it on twitter on how they're bond to each other, or watching some fugly movies, or having a heart-to-heart talk, or just the little things like how they waste their times together doing stupid stuffs or nothing at all.

Dear Mom, you lie a lot and it hurts us, your children. From little to big things such as how you end up divorcing our father. I know you cheat on our dad a couple of times, and end up married with your last male mistress we live with right now. You always pretend that you don't have money so we can't ask you for it, but we are not stupid, Mom. You were a boss in a shipping company. You play bowling almost every night and spend, idk, 500k per night or more maybe.

Dear Mom, before i ask you to fix the APV, i remember you told me that it's yours. After i ask, you told me that it's dad's and i should ask dad for the money.

Dear Mom, you have always been pushy. You pushed me and i rebelled, but my brother didn't. Don't you know that he's tired of all the pushing? When you're around, he can put his fake smile and pretends everything is ok. When you're not around, he comes to me and complain about how annoying you are. Is that the kind of person you wan't him to be?

Dear Mom, don't you know that our dad's no longer have a job? Don't you know if someone doesn't have a job means they don't have money? Then why do you keep on telling us to ask him for money he didn't have?

Dear Mom, you are so busy with your poker chips. Don't you know that it's just a game and it's fake? It's zynga poker for God's sake. I am making effort to open a conversation between us, and you always ignore me. When i ask you for something when you play zynga poker, you will easily nod and say yes. But when you are 'awake', you will say "I NEVER SAID YES" or "YOU NEVER ASK ME FOR THAT". It's true that you can make money from zynga poker's chips. But ask yourself this : which one is more important, your children's feelings or money? Let me guess.. money.

Dear Mom, you are a boss in your company, but you have to remember that you are no longer a boss when you are at home.

Dear Mom, it's true that you're the one who financially supports us. But it doesn't mean you can buy our happiness.

Dear Mom, you fail us as your child, and you fail our father. You are a failed mother and wife.

The 'Worth-It'

Bubble lights (bokeh) and sky background : dyingbeautystock and alegion-stock on deviantART
Editing by me.

"Sometimes i ask myself, am i the "worth-it"? Does i deserve him, the most amazing boyfriend i've ever knew? or vice versa, does he deserves me, the selfish-temperamental-son-of-a-bitch? Are we meant to be together? Does 'till death do us part' will come out from our mouth? Will it be an empty statement, or will it be real? Time will answer."

22 March 2010

Title : I Miss You
Photography : Fantasyfailure-Stock and Pieceofmestock on DA
Editing by me

Yes, I do miss something right now.


Just when i thought the atmosphere is getting friendlier by the minute, suddenly the amusement were ruined by the lack of consistency my mom had. Claiming that she never approved my request to sell my damn car, which in fact she did and it was very clear, means she didn't listen to a thing i was saying earlier when i made that request. I should have guess that this would happen. I'll never get used to it. This is getting more and more annoying. The lack of mother-daughter relationship, even thinning from time to time.

21 March 2010

Balinese Temple

Temple photography by me
Lights bubble (bokeh) : DyingBeautyStock on deviantArt
Editing by me
Location : Sukawati - Bali
Captured in February 2010

20 March 2010

Model : Rininta Anggi
Location : Dreamland Beach - Bali
Captured with Lumix
Photography & editing by Me


Photo Manipulation by Me.

Original Photos :

by Enchanted-Stock on deviantArt

by The-Slinger on deviantArt

by blacksockstock on deviantArt

19 March 2010





Original photo : Julia Starr and Jessica's stock from deviantArt
Photomanipulation and editing by : Me

I'm an Intern.

Yes, i am now. Applied at Time Out Jakarta a few days ago and i got accepted. I got my first task yesterday, reviewing a piece about SHY Rooftop, Black Cat Jazz Supper Club, Segarra, and Shanghai Blue. Working in a magazine is what i've always wanted. Dreaming of becoming editor-in-chief one day makes the ambition even stronger. The fun of writing reviews and thinking of what words i suppose to put on will lasts for three months. I am now an intern on Time Out Jakarta, listing officer from editorial. First day at work, i have nothing to do cos my boss said i have nothing to worry about next month's issue cos it's 80% done so i google for what will happen in April and May (events or so) and gather all the information i need and got me 50 events. Pretty nice for first day, huh? I never work an actual job before, especially not in my favorite ones. All i did was plain crap, except Java Jazz. Oh well..

16 March 2010


There's no such thing. We are a combined effort of everything and everybody we ever know.

10 March 2010

via fuckyeahads on tumblr

This is the real deal people, wake up! Stop litter!

07 March 2010

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."
~Oprah Winfrey

06 March 2010

Day Two (Cont'd)

Kuta beach is beautiful, but some say it's not as beautiful as it used to be. Maybe it's true bcos i saw trashes along the beach. Not many, but some.

See? trashes.

8.30pm, we are so hungry. We text our balinese friend, Made Ayu, ask her where's a nice place to eat near our hotel. Nasi Pedes and Warung Made is her choice. "Nasi pedes would be nice," Anggi told me so. We walk along kuta beach road to look for it. I thought nasi pedes were a menu in Warung Made so when we pass by it i go in to the restaurant and sat and order a hot lemon tea after waiting in line for 10 minutes, plus it was raining that night. Anggi was a bit confused by then. She said "Pris, katanya mau cari nasi pedes?," translate : "I thought we want to eat nasi pedes". I was like, "OH! It isn't here? I thought they serve it here. Ok then, lets go find nasi pedes", but we can't go anywhere bcos the rain is pretty heavy.

The sound of a mellow-acoustic-lounge song played in warung made plus the sound of a heavy rain made me feel so mellow. We sat there, chatting and waited for the rain to stop.

The rain stopped by 10pm. If we want to go back to our hotel then we should've turn right but instead we turn left to take some tour. We walk for 30 minutes to Legian and took some pictures in the monument of bali bombing.

We never thought the tour would be so exhausting. We thought Legian were close enough to wherever we want to be but we're wrong. We continue our walk. We walk in the dark, don't know where the hell were we, and hoped to see a road sign or something similar to lead our way. It was so dark that time, seriously, and they were so many perv construction workers seduced us. Ew. We just kept on walking and walking and walking and it took us another 1 1/2 hours to get to a place we know : Kuta beach. My feet are so damn tired and i told Anggi that we should stop in Deli Express to rest our feet. Anggi told me that she had to pee so i sat in the outdoor and wait for her and burn my cig.

Anggi probably wondering who were those people i sat with after she walks out of the restroom. There were no one else before. Yes, i met some new friends. Pras, Sam, and Pras's sister (i forgot her name). Pras is from Surabaya but he stayed in Bali since a few years ago, same thing goes with her sister. Samuel or Sam, a tourist from Switzerland, stayed in the island for three weeks already after his trip to Singapore and Lombok. We chat but Sam doesn't seem like a talkative person. "Where is Michelle?," "Looking for some whiskey," the conversation between Pras and Sam. He travel with his girlfriend. That's what we thought.

"There he is!,"

"He?," i turn my head to where they're pointing at and saw a cute man walking towards us, drinking a small bottle of whiskey. "Oh my," I mumbled.

Michelle is a super active man, he can't stop talking. Sam often said 'palare-palare' to Michelle and doing that thing with his hand while saying that, palare-palare means talking too much. It's Switzerland's. They offered me a glass of whiskey cola, i said ok. Then they offered me another glass, and i said why not. Then they offered me ANOTHER glass, and i said the hell with it, gimme that!. That night was their last night in Bali so they decided to celebrate. It was fun knowing that they're the same age like we are. We are all 20 going 21 this year, except Pras. He's a bit old.

Right to left : Sam - me - Michelle - Anggi

Pras took that picture so he's out of the frame. Three glasses of booze plus it was very late and the fact that my feet hurt after the long walk, we said goodbye to them all and go back to the hotel. They continue their farewell party to Legian. Pras said we could come but we were too tired.

Suddenly Bali : The Report - DAY 2!

We Really Enjoy This

We didn't use the free massages Palm Beach Inn gave us, we have to check in to Kodja Beach Inn by 10am or else they might give the room to someone else. As we arrived in the hotel room, Anggi check the bathroom to make sure everything works bcos we didn't check on it yesterday. The bathroom were a bit nasty. The clog didn't work properly so we better take the dump somewhere else which is kinda annoying. The bathtub were NASTY! Seriously. The shower were a little rusty here and there, and so on and so on. Overall the hotel rating is 6.5 out of 10.

11pm, we thought it would be nice to smell some sea breeze and feel the sun in our skin. I put on my bikini, covered it up with a button shirt all the way to Kuta beach, which is only 5 minutes walk from our hotel. I listened to the sound of waves crashing, took a deep breath and said to myself, "I'm in Bali". I smiled and smiled and smiled, Kuta beach is beautiful.

We walk along the beach for 30 minutes and was looking for a spot to sit and relax. We found a spot and lay there for 1/2 an hour. It was very relaxing, really. I can't find any of this in my home town, not even a similar one.
We continue walking and then we saw a really paunchy man, looks like he's 40 - 50 yrs old, he walks along the beach while listen to his iPod, use a black sunglasses and he is so tanned. We saw him passing by for two times. We walk for another 15 minutes and decided to go back to the hotel to take a shower and planned to go out again after we're clean, but we fell asleep (-.-")

"I need a cup of coffee," I said, so we go to Excelso to grab some coffee. It was 2.30pm already and it was cloudy. I ordered a cup of Excelso's cafe latte, then enjoying my coffee on the outdoor and suddenly the rain started to fell, so we grab our stuffs and move indoor.

The rain stopped, we then go to Kuta beach again.

This part is going to be a little absurd. That day we can see so many Javanese students hanging out there in Kuta beach, probably they were in a study tour or something. Suddenly, a group of girls (about 14 years old) approach me and said,"Miss.. can i photo with you?" yes, that is the exact word. I was like, geez.. I'm a local tourist too so wth do they want a picture of me? Unless.. they might thought i'm a foreigner bcos of my brown dyed hair, and i wore my sunglasses at that time so they couldn't see that i have the asian eye, slanting. "Oh yeah, sure. Why not," I told them so. I did it for fun, lol. I thought that was it, but turn out it wasn't. Short time after those girls, a group of boys approach me and said "Miss.. Can i photo with you too?," great.

Will be continued tomorrow. The fun of day two is not over yet.

05 March 2010

Suddenly Bali : The Report

Yay! BALI!

It was my first time to Bali, But Anggi -my best friend and my best travel buddy- wasn't. She travels to Bali pretty often. We booked a flight by LionAir and fly to Bali at 3pm, we arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport - Bali at 5, we didn't have any hotel bookings yet so we decided to go to a hotel Anggi saw on the internet a couple of days before the trip. We took an airport taxi and it cost us IDR70.000 (US$7), pretty pricey considering the short distance from airport to the hotel. As we got in front of the hotel, we were reconsidering to stay there bcos it was not like we expected, to be honest, the hotel is ugly. So, we took our second option : Palm Beach Inn, 15 minutes walk from Discovery mall Kuta, 25 minutes walk to Kuta beach. The taxi driver bill us another IDR50.000 (US$5) to get us there.

We travel in budget so we plan to find the cheapest comfy hotel we can find. The hotel was nice, but it's IDR100.000 over our hotel budget (it costs IDR400.000 ($40) per night, our budget for a hotel room was $30 per night). Technically we don't have anywhere to stay that night so we decided to check in. The receptionist gave a free massage coupons for us to be used in the morning. The room was nice and comfortable BUT it was too quiet bcos we didn't have any neighbors, they put us in the back side of the hotel :|. Sorry we didn't took any pictures there.

After taking a break for a while, we got hungry. We walk to Discovery mall to find some food. We chose Solaria.

I ordered my favorite, seafood ifumie, and Anggi got a plate of fried fish with some capcay (veggies). After we got stuffed, we walk to Kuta beach road to take a look around. We didn't do much that night : sat in Deli Express and drank beer, took pictures of ourselves, chat, and sang the song "I Gotta Feeling" from Black Eyed Peas who were often played in Deli Express, that night we heard that song for like, 4 times -_-.

It was already late, so we go back to our hotel. In our way back, Anggi got an idea to find us a new and cheaper hotel in kuta beach road, and we chose Kodja Beach Inn, it costs us IDR300.000 (US$30) per night. Spacey room, comfortable bed, nice staff, and the most important thing, it's not spooky. So we book a room there for three nights and pay the IDR50.000 (US$5) down paymet and we're done. Oh! I forgot one thing, not far from our hotel there was a gift shop that still open that night so i bought myself a bali bag :).

Day one expenses :
*) Palm Beach Inn hotel room - IDR200.000 (US$20) | split 50 : 50 with Anggi
*) Airport taxi - IDR60.000 (US$6) | split 50 : 50 with Anggi
*) Dinner at Solaria - IDR30.000 (US$3)
*) Bali bag - IDR15.000 (US$1.50)
*) Bintang beer - IDR18.000 (US$1.80)
*) Kodja Beach Inn down payment - IDR50.000 (US$5)
Total : IDR373.000 (US$37.30)

01 March 2010

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."
~ H. Jackson Browne