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26 March 2010

The Awkward Nausea

It's awkward to say but i have some issues of hearing a specific music genre. Idk whats the name of the genre. Don't get me wrong, i love the music. i love the songs. Basically i am a music lover. BUT, yes.. there's a but, in that genre, and that genre only, i can't hear more than two or three songs or i will be having stomach ache, headache, and literally throw up or burps a lot afterwards.

Actually idk if those kinda songs are in one genre or not, but.. well.. idk how to describe you the kind of songs i'm trying to explain, so i made it short by calling it a genre :P.

I remember buying a CD from a great local band, Efek Rumah Kaca, played it in my car and was having fun listening to their cool songs until i felt a little bit nauseated on track 3, i kept on continuing to track 4 and that's when i thought 'i've had enough'. I turn it off and felt so much better. That's the first time i heard that kind of music, and it seem they're the one who made it kind of popular in Indonesia.

Other case, a friend recommend me an album. It called Beat Box or Black Box or something, by Miss Kittin. I bought the CD, listen to it, enjoying it, and it was happening again, the nausea thing. Same thing goes to Bjork's songs.


It's annoying when you are actually want to hear the songs but you are technically can't!


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