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30 April 2010

29 April 2010

Illustrated by me

28 April 2010

Illustration by me.

In hope of creating a new one, she's planting a new seed of world. The earth is dying.

illustration by me.

27 April 2010

Don't worry, you won't know I love you
Don't worry, you won't know I'm crying
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone
Don't worry, just go away.

Again. Next Sat!

We're holding a garage sale again, this time at my dad's in hope of earning more profit. So much for making money, huh.. *sigh*

Be there! Bring your friends! And have some fun :D


26 April 2010

LOL of The Day

This is a Japanese game show called Batsu Game. This video rocks my day :D!
 How this game works : contestants are not allowed to laugh or else they will be spanked! Hahah! Check it out guys.

Much LOL and LOVE, Priska

Garage Sale Day 2..

All captured by me with Dinda's Canon EOS 450D except pic number two since I am in it :s. Sales are good and we had so much fun! Enjoy the pics :D. Much love, Priska.

25 April 2010

Garage Sale Day 1..

..was a blast! We had sooo much fun yelling "GARAGE SALE SIR/MAM, CLEARANCE SALE UP TO 70%!" to people. We were dancing around like a group of crazy adults while making noises to every car or motorcycle or anything passing my garage. I even yelled at a cat -__-.

Around 2pm an uber-cute kid arrived at my house and starting to please her eyes with goods we sale. She couldn't keep smiling to us and mumbling "aduuh.. lucu-lucu semua aku bingung," meaning : "I love all of it! I'm confused!". She stares at a pink shorts, pink pants, pink polo shirt, and anything pink! So then i asked "You love the color pink don't you, sugar?", "I love anything colorful" she replied while giving me her cute smile. She decided to buy my pink shorts and went home with even wider smile on her face. We love her!

Later on 3pm, she came back! "Hey! You came back!," we said. "My mom just gave me money so why don't I spend it here", "What's your name and how old are you?", "Bunga, I'm in 4th grade". A young shopper! I'm her fan! She has a good fashion sense for a girl that age since she always picking up good stuffs from our shelves. After a long hour of picking up goods while joking around with us stupid adults, she finally decided to buy one white tube top to wear to a wedding reception she will be attending, a peach t-shirt, and a yellow skirt. "15 plus 20 plus 15. Fifty! Here's your fifty thousand rupiahs," she counts herself.

"Bunga why don't you bring your mom to shop here?"
"She's bed resting. She's sick"
"Oh we're sorry to hear that. How is she?"
"She has tumor. Pretty bad"
"...." (silence), I tried to break the silence by offering her a t-shirt..
"Hey why don't you buy this t-shirt to surprise your dad?"
"He's dead"
"Oh I am so sorry.."
"...." (silence)
"...." (silence) <-- this is me feeling guilty

7pm, "HEY SISTERS! I brought my english teacher and a friend to shop here!", and she end up buying another skirt. LOL shopper kid. We fell in love with her since today. She's the most friendly kid we've ever seen! Come back again tomorrow! Freebies are waiting for you, Bungaaa <3

I'll post the pics of our garage sale tomorrow :)

24 April 2010

Illustration & photo manip by me.

23 April 2010

Bali, Feb 2010

Ugh I can't stop blogging today!
Illustration by me.

Problems at home. Yeah, they (parents) won't let me speak :'(. Enjoy my silly hand drawing..
Alexander McQueen's Camouflage Skull Rose Boot, $1,165
"canvas and leather camouflage skull rose boot with peep-toe, curved heel, and antique gold zip detail. 155mm heel height.

why is it have to be so expensive? *crying*

Early Ages - Present.

In the picture above is me (9 years of age), Gahralsyah Aras a.k.a Gahral (8), and a orangutan grabbing my boobs :s. The picture taken in 1998 at Ancol, Jakarta. It's funny how time goes by so fast without us noticing about it. We have been friends since ages ago, since I was 4 and he was 3 i guess. Or i was 5 and he was 4? I can't really remember. We both go separate ways now, living our own adult life. He and his college are doing well eventho he keeps complaining about how my father's advice ended up making him taking a wrong major in college. We are not families and not related. But somehow i feel like we are. His family treat me as if i'm a family member and so does my family to him and the rest of the gang. Our parents are now best friends. We introduced them! I remember our fav movie, Three Little Pigs, which we can watch 3 times a day at that time. "Two little pigs watching three little pigs," his mom mocked us with that funny joke :D. Enough pep talks. Here are our present pictures as an adult.

Gahral (20) with girlfriend Karen, 2009

Me (21) on my own, 2010

Quite a transformation isn't it? Or not? :s

Ma Belle

Credits :
Castle background - ~MorlothStock, Grass 1 - ~Photodream-stock, Grass 2 - ~333half-evil-stock, Dove - ~vanillabuds, Sky - ~affen92, Belle - *faestock

Photo editing & manipulating by Priska Paramitha (hey it's me!)

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast"

22 April 2010

Earth Day 2010!

What will you do to save earth? Start by doing little like using a tumbler every time you go to Starbucks to enjoy their delightful coffee or reduce your use of tissues.  Imagine how many trees you will save!! (tissue companies will not be happy seeing this blog post :s). Lots of trees, lots of less asphyxiating air. Less pollution, healthier people. It goes in circle. 

Wonderful isn't it? Let's take part in this campaign! 

Even the tiniest amount of your contribution counts!

21 April 2010

Calling All Shutterbugs!

submit your entries!

20 April 2010

Late Photography

These are a few artworks (photography) I made a few years earlier. I'm not good at it so it might hurt your eye a little bit. Please enjoy the eye torture :)

Captured by me in July 26, 2006
Model : Uci Nancy
Location : Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
In session with Pramaditya Fathamulia

Captured by me in October 18, 2006
Model : Ilma Rineta
Location : Old Batavia

Captured by me in January 24, 2007
Model : Peppy
Location : Yogyakarta
In session with M. Aryo Hidayat and Echa

Captured by M. Aryo Hidayat in January 24, 2007
Candid shot @ me when I was taking that picture above
Location : Yogyakarta


An Old Friend

Millica Sumarno, an old friend / (ex) photographer I met on deviantArt years ago, I wonder how she's doing now. She moved to Australia to continue her study and quit the world of photography for I don't know what reason. She's one of my closest friend on deviantArt and I'm hoping that she would go back into the art world soon. I collaborated with her to make an artwork for fun once. I'll post the artwork soon.

Eventho we never met in person, we were pretty close as an e-buddy. Well, we tried to meet a couple of times but always ended failed. Anyways, I adore her as an artist, as a photographer, and as a friend. She said she'll come back to Jakarta in July. I told her "Lets meet up! I'm damn tired of being your e-buddy" and she agreed :)

Here's one of my favorite Millica's artwork.

Made in December 23, 2006. Captured by Millica Sumarno
link : http://roxxdexx.deviantart.com/art/Guilty-Hearts-and-Neon-Nights-45222300

"I see too many other wrong men dying
for stealing their dreams and buying time
i never thought i spend these nights alone
now i walk the streets trying to find my way back home
though in your eyes i saw the rising sun

still i sold myself for a badge and a gun

white linen on your back like the secrets on your mind
the past you're trying to hide and the life you looked behind
passive days and neon nights, the guilty hearts and alibis

the streets run red like an ocean drive,
but can our love survive?"
, She quotes.

girl and flower field : ~fiori-di-ofeliasky and balloons : *Dracoart-Stock
Photo editing by me
1/2 an hour in the making

I know this work is a mess cos to be honest I did this in some kind of hurry (I'm SLEEPY!)

The title "Take Me With You" comes from my mind. It tells how I want to escape this crazy life and live someone else's who never seem sad or so, ones who's in that happy balloons. And that's me on the ground, wishing I could be up there enjoying the fantastic view (well it's not literally me, I'm not that pretty :s). But what can I say, this is my life and i'm grateful for it.

18 April 2010

Garage sale at my house! be there, Jakartans!

16 April 2010

TGIF!! (Yeah Right)

This is SO NOT happening! My car ran out of gas twice this week. I don't have any money to buy some since i haven't got my paycheck since last month. I have to attend work, like, NOW. But i ran out of gas. TGIF! More like OFIF (Oh Fuck, It's Friday)!!

Wants (Needs)

I'M IN NEED OF SHOES!! Look at that gorgeous satin blue Manolo Blahnik! and OH! I love the Moschino wegde and Louboutin pumps! And those ankle shoes and boots! I'm craving for them! Help :'(

Holymolly! That's Goody Shit!

// { FEATURED! } | tony ariawan //

"HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THIS?," was the first thing that pops into my head when i saw his art works for the first time. "HOW THE FUH...," was the second line. "....." was the third. Okay i'm exaggerating. You may don't like this kind of artwork but to see this artwork and realize on how complex the process are made me think on how many hours did he spend doing just one picture? He must be a really patient person. If i were him, after 5 hours i would be like "BLAH.. forget it!". Fact, Tony Ariawan didn't attend any graphic-design school and started as an autodidact. Surprised? Me too. 

A friend of mine told me about how he has a digital-imaging artist friend and shares me a link to his artwork. TimeOut Jakarta's art editor, Vita, is looking for digital-imaging artists on deviantArt by chance at the moment to feature them on the magazine for next month's issue, so i showed his gallery to her. "Wow," she said. Just like i thought. Sadly, the article were already done. NO! I can't leak who's featured! No! Don't force me to do so! NO! I'll tell you when the magazine is already out on sale okay.

Tony Ariawan is now working as a freelance graphic designer, so if by chance you are looking for one, he's your man. BUT, he might be expensive since he serves clients from around the world.

Tony Ariawan's Press Recognition :
* Poster Design for Massive Territory Exhibition Design and Conference Jakarta | Kuala Lumpur, 2007
* Interview | Territory Magazine Vol 07, 2007
* Tutorial Stop Haunt Me Everyday Collection | DesignFlip Magz #01, 2007
* Tutorial Stop Haunt Me Everyday Collection | PSD Magazine France Issue 02, 2008
* Tutorial Stop Haunt Me Everyday Collection | PSD Magazine USA Issue 03, 2008
* Feature Typography | Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 41, 2008
* Tutorial Stop Haunt Me Everyday Collection | Digital Arts Magazine, United Kingdom, May 2008
* Cover Magazine | Digital Arts, June 2008
* Tutorial Cool Neon text effects | Digital Arts Magazine, United Kingdom, Aug 2008
* Interview | Elle Girl Magazine Korea, January 2009
* Featured | AdvancedPhotoshop Magazine Issue 53, 2009

Want to make an artwork just like these? Here's a link to Tony Ariawan's tutorial : http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/index.cfm?featureID=1709

13 April 2010

Count Down to 13

I feel like i want to go back to when i was 13, when i don't have to worry about making money and just simply ask my mom or dad for it, when sex in not important and holding hands and a little kiss on the cheek was more than enough, when i didn't care which friends or foe and just blend, when school is a place to have some fun and not a place to kill myself with the tense like college, when the world is less stressful and seemed so beautiful from the eyes of a kid who didn't know what life is really.

Time changes everything.. Hmm.. No. Time doesn't change everything, people does.

10 April 2010

This is my entry for Looklet contest. I might add up some more since there's no rules not to. Prizes are Next's shorts and heels, values 120USD / 87EUR. Submit your entries!

Items :
Beret by Accessorize
Earing by Tjallamalla
Handbang by Botkier
Necklace by Glitter
Ring by Zanzl√∂za Zmycken
Cardigan by H&M
T-shirt by Urban Outfitters
Shorts by Next
Wedges by Next
Tights by Sneaky Fox

09 April 2010

Birthday Boy... Man!!

"Happy birthday to youu.. Happy birthday to youu.. Happy birthday dear Jooohnn.. Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best for your 25th birthday. Enjoy the day!"~

Boy - Drew it myself using pen, then scan it to photoshop
Fence - *LunaNYXstock
Trees - ~spacenewt
Flooring texture - ~LA-STOCK
Building brush - ~cLuddy
Cake - ~deltaystock
Craft paper texture - =BobTodd

Tools : Adobe Photoshop CS & my own hand
4 hours in the making

Who What Where

Who - It's funny how we barely can tell the difference between true friends and fakers. They mostly wear masks these days.

What - What kind of person deserves the title "true friend"?

Where - Where can i find one? La-La-Land?

- Credits -
Clouds : made it myself with pen tool on Adobe Photoshop CS
Rain : Adobe Photoshop custom
Girls : ~secretsgirl
Actual Trees : ~spacenewt
Tree Brushes : *ploop26
Texture : ~vikyvampirs90

Made by Adobe Photoshop CS - 1 hour in the making (i'm having trouble with the pen tool since it's my first time so.. yeah.. i'm whining..)

Enjoy :)

08 April 2010