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27 April 2010

Again. Next Sat!

We're holding a garage sale again, this time at my dad's in hope of earning more profit. So much for making money, huh.. *sigh*

Be there! Bring your friends! And have some fun :D



babyskiffie said...

priska! :)
which typeface do u use for the word "sale" ?
it's gorgeous!

Priska Paramitha said...

thanks baby! err.. is it okay if i call you that? :D

look for "little bliss" font in 1001freefonts.com or try google it ;)

Priska Paramitha said...

OH so your the real Sca. no wonder i was confused back then LOL

babyskiffie said...

aahahaha :D yes the real clumsy sca! haha...
thanks hun :)

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