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12 August 2009

Java Rockin' Land 2009, The Report

Happy August!

The event was great! On August 8 20.000 people sing along with Mr. Big. The jumping crowd makes the ground feels like there was an earthquake going on. It was CRAZY!

7 August 2009

International Artist Lineup :
Vertical Horizon
Joujouka (Japan)

Melee was one of the best performer on the show. Chris wore "WE ARE NOT AFRAID" t-shirt during the show :> (if you don't know what this is, u have to check on my older post). Ricky Sans made the girls screaming. Well i barely know their songs. All i'm familiar with is just "Built To Last". I like "Big Heart Breaks Easy", it was neat :>. Melee closed their show amazingly with a lot of fireworks. My eyes set on Chris that night, he was so cute :p.

Vertical Horizon makes me felt like i'm 7 years younger lol. "You're a God" and "Best I Ever Had" really makes me scream during their show. I was like, "OMGGGG first time i hear this song i was like 13!"

Joujouka (Japan), a little bit different. It was my first time seeing them live on stage n also my first time hearing their songs. The vocalist is a little bit ecentric. Well, not a little. A LOT! lol. This band is great. They play techno-rock. Errr.. I dunno what is the genre actually. But they have DJ, no drums, guitarist, and a keyboardist. My advise, don't get too close to the stage. Why? The vocalist was slobbering and spurting all the times. Kinda yucky.

8 August 2009

International artists lineup :
Secondhand Serenade
Mr. Big
Motherjane (India)

I came a little late bcos of the traffic jam all over the enterance to the parking lot! It took me 1,5 hours to really park my vehicle. 8 August was the most crowded day. Pantai Karnaval is a huge huge place n it was filled with people. Wow! I came in when Secondhand Serenade already played 4 songs (Your Call, Awake, Maybe, and A Twist In My Story). Argh! I was still waiting in line when John Vesely played Your Call. Everybody in line was like "Oh SHIT! hurry hurry!". But thankfully i did not missed "Vulnerable" and "Fall For You". If i was, i'll be in a bad mood that day. John Vesely looks really happy seeing the crowd. He said "I wanna hear the loudest voice in my life. Can you guys do that? Make noise. Scream, talk, sing, whatever it is, just make noise", and everybody was like "whoooo hoooo" or "yeaaaahh" or just simply "aaaaaaaa".

Mr. Big ROCKS! The comebacks was awesome! Like i said before, Mr.Big made 25.000 people jumping. I was kinda scared that moment, i thought there was an earthquake lol. They played "Wild World" and everybody was screaming. It was my first time seeing Paul Gilbert and Billy Seehan doing their solo. I was.. Insane. 25.000 people wasn't all. 20.000 people look towards the stage (ahead me / people i saw), behind me? there was 25.000 more (or more, i assume).

9 August 2009

Intl artists lineup:
- Third Eye Blind

I decided not to attend cos my body can't take more jumps, scream, laugh, etc. I was too tired. But i heard it was great.