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23 April 2010

Early Ages - Present.

In the picture above is me (9 years of age), Gahralsyah Aras a.k.a Gahral (8), and a orangutan grabbing my boobs :s. The picture taken in 1998 at Ancol, Jakarta. It's funny how time goes by so fast without us noticing about it. We have been friends since ages ago, since I was 4 and he was 3 i guess. Or i was 5 and he was 4? I can't really remember. We both go separate ways now, living our own adult life. He and his college are doing well eventho he keeps complaining about how my father's advice ended up making him taking a wrong major in college. We are not families and not related. But somehow i feel like we are. His family treat me as if i'm a family member and so does my family to him and the rest of the gang. Our parents are now best friends. We introduced them! I remember our fav movie, Three Little Pigs, which we can watch 3 times a day at that time. "Two little pigs watching three little pigs," his mom mocked us with that funny joke :D. Enough pep talks. Here are our present pictures as an adult.

Gahral (20) with girlfriend Karen, 2009

Me (21) on my own, 2010

Quite a transformation isn't it? Or not? :s


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