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20 April 2010

An Old Friend

Millica Sumarno, an old friend / (ex) photographer I met on deviantArt years ago, I wonder how she's doing now. She moved to Australia to continue her study and quit the world of photography for I don't know what reason. She's one of my closest friend on deviantArt and I'm hoping that she would go back into the art world soon. I collaborated with her to make an artwork for fun once. I'll post the artwork soon.

Eventho we never met in person, we were pretty close as an e-buddy. Well, we tried to meet a couple of times but always ended failed. Anyways, I adore her as an artist, as a photographer, and as a friend. She said she'll come back to Jakarta in July. I told her "Lets meet up! I'm damn tired of being your e-buddy" and she agreed :)

Here's one of my favorite Millica's artwork.

Made in December 23, 2006. Captured by Millica Sumarno
link : http://roxxdexx.deviantart.com/art/Guilty-Hearts-and-Neon-Nights-45222300

"I see too many other wrong men dying
for stealing their dreams and buying time
i never thought i spend these nights alone
now i walk the streets trying to find my way back home
though in your eyes i saw the rising sun

still i sold myself for a badge and a gun

white linen on your back like the secrets on your mind
the past you're trying to hide and the life you looked behind
passive days and neon nights, the guilty hearts and alibis

the streets run red like an ocean drive,
but can our love survive?"
, She quotes.


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