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20 April 2010

Late Photography

These are a few artworks (photography) I made a few years earlier. I'm not good at it so it might hurt your eye a little bit. Please enjoy the eye torture :)

Captured by me in July 26, 2006
Model : Uci Nancy
Location : Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
In session with Pramaditya Fathamulia

Captured by me in October 18, 2006
Model : Ilma Rineta
Location : Old Batavia

Captured by me in January 24, 2007
Model : Peppy
Location : Yogyakarta
In session with M. Aryo Hidayat and Echa

Captured by M. Aryo Hidayat in January 24, 2007
Candid shot @ me when I was taking that picture above
Location : Yogyakarta



Pramaditya Fathamulia said...

waw... masih ada coba dari jaman kapan.
yang di gua udah ga tau kemana..

Priska Paramitha said...

iya dong masih ada :D. gue kan picture keeper *apasih*

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