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25 April 2010

Garage Sale Day 1..

..was a blast! We had sooo much fun yelling "GARAGE SALE SIR/MAM, CLEARANCE SALE UP TO 70%!" to people. We were dancing around like a group of crazy adults while making noises to every car or motorcycle or anything passing my garage. I even yelled at a cat -__-.

Around 2pm an uber-cute kid arrived at my house and starting to please her eyes with goods we sale. She couldn't keep smiling to us and mumbling "aduuh.. lucu-lucu semua aku bingung," meaning : "I love all of it! I'm confused!". She stares at a pink shorts, pink pants, pink polo shirt, and anything pink! So then i asked "You love the color pink don't you, sugar?", "I love anything colorful" she replied while giving me her cute smile. She decided to buy my pink shorts and went home with even wider smile on her face. We love her!

Later on 3pm, she came back! "Hey! You came back!," we said. "My mom just gave me money so why don't I spend it here", "What's your name and how old are you?", "Bunga, I'm in 4th grade". A young shopper! I'm her fan! She has a good fashion sense for a girl that age since she always picking up good stuffs from our shelves. After a long hour of picking up goods while joking around with us stupid adults, she finally decided to buy one white tube top to wear to a wedding reception she will be attending, a peach t-shirt, and a yellow skirt. "15 plus 20 plus 15. Fifty! Here's your fifty thousand rupiahs," she counts herself.

"Bunga why don't you bring your mom to shop here?"
"She's bed resting. She's sick"
"Oh we're sorry to hear that. How is she?"
"She has tumor. Pretty bad"
"...." (silence), I tried to break the silence by offering her a t-shirt..
"Hey why don't you buy this t-shirt to surprise your dad?"
"He's dead"
"Oh I am so sorry.."
"...." (silence)
"...." (silence) <-- this is me feeling guilty

7pm, "HEY SISTERS! I brought my english teacher and a friend to shop here!", and she end up buying another skirt. LOL shopper kid. We fell in love with her since today. She's the most friendly kid we've ever seen! Come back again tomorrow! Freebies are waiting for you, Bungaaa <3

I'll post the pics of our garage sale tomorrow :)


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