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23 March 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, i wan't to tell you that i am ungrateful for i am a member in this family. Jealousy, is what i feel when i hear a friend talk about unimportant things of their mom, telling me or simply post it on twitter on how they're bond to each other, or watching some fugly movies, or having a heart-to-heart talk, or just the little things like how they waste their times together doing stupid stuffs or nothing at all.

Dear Mom, you lie a lot and it hurts us, your children. From little to big things such as how you end up divorcing our father. I know you cheat on our dad a couple of times, and end up married with your last male mistress we live with right now. You always pretend that you don't have money so we can't ask you for it, but we are not stupid, Mom. You were a boss in a shipping company. You play bowling almost every night and spend, idk, 500k per night or more maybe.

Dear Mom, before i ask you to fix the APV, i remember you told me that it's yours. After i ask, you told me that it's dad's and i should ask dad for the money.

Dear Mom, you have always been pushy. You pushed me and i rebelled, but my brother didn't. Don't you know that he's tired of all the pushing? When you're around, he can put his fake smile and pretends everything is ok. When you're not around, he comes to me and complain about how annoying you are. Is that the kind of person you wan't him to be?

Dear Mom, don't you know that our dad's no longer have a job? Don't you know if someone doesn't have a job means they don't have money? Then why do you keep on telling us to ask him for money he didn't have?

Dear Mom, you are so busy with your poker chips. Don't you know that it's just a game and it's fake? It's zynga poker for God's sake. I am making effort to open a conversation between us, and you always ignore me. When i ask you for something when you play zynga poker, you will easily nod and say yes. But when you are 'awake', you will say "I NEVER SAID YES" or "YOU NEVER ASK ME FOR THAT". It's true that you can make money from zynga poker's chips. But ask yourself this : which one is more important, your children's feelings or money? Let me guess.. money.

Dear Mom, you are a boss in your company, but you have to remember that you are no longer a boss when you are at home.

Dear Mom, it's true that you're the one who financially supports us. But it doesn't mean you can buy our happiness.

Dear Mom, you fail us as your child, and you fail our father. You are a failed mother and wife.


leoj said...

Is this true? I feel so sad.. i mean, i never can imagine mothers can be like that. but, just look always at d bright side, she made u stronger like wat u r right now. :) Im sad. :(

Priska Paramitha said...

thanks for your concern. yes the whole story is true. sometimes i do feel like i am another person in this family, or for short, my mom doesn't love me. but i keep on telling myself that it's not true. i hope i could be that strong :|

thanks anyway :D

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