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29 March 2010

Be Strong, My Dear Friend.

3.22AM, i was in the middle of my sleep then my blackberry rang and woke me up. A text message from a friend came in, as i read it with my eyes still on blur, i suddenly jumped off my bed, rubbed my eyes a couple of times to make sure i didn't misread, and replied.

Let me introduce you to my amazing friend Yovega Ardyarista, Vega, for short. He'll be 22 in May 26th. This strong man is everybody's best friend. He's a good listener, a joker, and loves to mock people with his joke. No one take it seriously, thou.

"Our friend, Yovega, is now in serious pain. His heart is only 50% functioning. He's now paralyzed and barely can even speak, but still can hear. Let's pray and give our best to him."

That's the text message's content.

I still don't know what causes his illness. What i know now is, i am sad for him to experience this whole thing. He's young and seemed healthy. No one expect this to happen to him. Now i know the true meaning of unexpected.

"Be strong, my dear friend, for you are not functioning 100% right now but we, your friends, believe someday you will stand with your feet and mock us with your stupid jokes again. Chin up, my friend, you have dozens of best friends who'll always support you and give their very best. You barely can speak, but you can still smile. Keep the smile to let us know u are staying strong, not only for yourself, but for us also. We may not keep in touch for a while, but you have to know, u'll always have a place. You may heard this a thousands of times, but we'll keep saying 'Get well soon, Yovega. We all love you from the deepest of our sinful hearts'. All the best for you, Vega."



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