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06 March 2010

Day Two (Cont'd)

Kuta beach is beautiful, but some say it's not as beautiful as it used to be. Maybe it's true bcos i saw trashes along the beach. Not many, but some.

See? trashes.

8.30pm, we are so hungry. We text our balinese friend, Made Ayu, ask her where's a nice place to eat near our hotel. Nasi Pedes and Warung Made is her choice. "Nasi pedes would be nice," Anggi told me so. We walk along kuta beach road to look for it. I thought nasi pedes were a menu in Warung Made so when we pass by it i go in to the restaurant and sat and order a hot lemon tea after waiting in line for 10 minutes, plus it was raining that night. Anggi was a bit confused by then. She said "Pris, katanya mau cari nasi pedes?," translate : "I thought we want to eat nasi pedes". I was like, "OH! It isn't here? I thought they serve it here. Ok then, lets go find nasi pedes", but we can't go anywhere bcos the rain is pretty heavy.

The sound of a mellow-acoustic-lounge song played in warung made plus the sound of a heavy rain made me feel so mellow. We sat there, chatting and waited for the rain to stop.

The rain stopped by 10pm. If we want to go back to our hotel then we should've turn right but instead we turn left to take some tour. We walk for 30 minutes to Legian and took some pictures in the monument of bali bombing.

We never thought the tour would be so exhausting. We thought Legian were close enough to wherever we want to be but we're wrong. We continue our walk. We walk in the dark, don't know where the hell were we, and hoped to see a road sign or something similar to lead our way. It was so dark that time, seriously, and they were so many perv construction workers seduced us. Ew. We just kept on walking and walking and walking and it took us another 1 1/2 hours to get to a place we know : Kuta beach. My feet are so damn tired and i told Anggi that we should stop in Deli Express to rest our feet. Anggi told me that she had to pee so i sat in the outdoor and wait for her and burn my cig.

Anggi probably wondering who were those people i sat with after she walks out of the restroom. There were no one else before. Yes, i met some new friends. Pras, Sam, and Pras's sister (i forgot her name). Pras is from Surabaya but he stayed in Bali since a few years ago, same thing goes with her sister. Samuel or Sam, a tourist from Switzerland, stayed in the island for three weeks already after his trip to Singapore and Lombok. We chat but Sam doesn't seem like a talkative person. "Where is Michelle?," "Looking for some whiskey," the conversation between Pras and Sam. He travel with his girlfriend. That's what we thought.

"There he is!,"

"He?," i turn my head to where they're pointing at and saw a cute man walking towards us, drinking a small bottle of whiskey. "Oh my," I mumbled.

Michelle is a super active man, he can't stop talking. Sam often said 'palare-palare' to Michelle and doing that thing with his hand while saying that, palare-palare means talking too much. It's Switzerland's. They offered me a glass of whiskey cola, i said ok. Then they offered me another glass, and i said why not. Then they offered me ANOTHER glass, and i said the hell with it, gimme that!. That night was their last night in Bali so they decided to celebrate. It was fun knowing that they're the same age like we are. We are all 20 going 21 this year, except Pras. He's a bit old.

Right to left : Sam - me - Michelle - Anggi

Pras took that picture so he's out of the frame. Three glasses of booze plus it was very late and the fact that my feet hurt after the long walk, we said goodbye to them all and go back to the hotel. They continue their farewell party to Legian. Pras said we could come but we were too tired.


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