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19 March 2010

I'm an Intern.

Yes, i am now. Applied at Time Out Jakarta a few days ago and i got accepted. I got my first task yesterday, reviewing a piece about SHY Rooftop, Black Cat Jazz Supper Club, Segarra, and Shanghai Blue. Working in a magazine is what i've always wanted. Dreaming of becoming editor-in-chief one day makes the ambition even stronger. The fun of writing reviews and thinking of what words i suppose to put on will lasts for three months. I am now an intern on Time Out Jakarta, listing officer from editorial. First day at work, i have nothing to do cos my boss said i have nothing to worry about next month's issue cos it's 80% done so i google for what will happen in April and May (events or so) and gather all the information i need and got me 50 events. Pretty nice for first day, huh? I never work an actual job before, especially not in my favorite ones. All i did was plain crap, except Java Jazz. Oh well..


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