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05 March 2010

Suddenly Bali : The Report

Yay! BALI!

It was my first time to Bali, But Anggi -my best friend and my best travel buddy- wasn't. She travels to Bali pretty often. We booked a flight by LionAir and fly to Bali at 3pm, we arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport - Bali at 5, we didn't have any hotel bookings yet so we decided to go to a hotel Anggi saw on the internet a couple of days before the trip. We took an airport taxi and it cost us IDR70.000 (US$7), pretty pricey considering the short distance from airport to the hotel. As we got in front of the hotel, we were reconsidering to stay there bcos it was not like we expected, to be honest, the hotel is ugly. So, we took our second option : Palm Beach Inn, 15 minutes walk from Discovery mall Kuta, 25 minutes walk to Kuta beach. The taxi driver bill us another IDR50.000 (US$5) to get us there.

We travel in budget so we plan to find the cheapest comfy hotel we can find. The hotel was nice, but it's IDR100.000 over our hotel budget (it costs IDR400.000 ($40) per night, our budget for a hotel room was $30 per night). Technically we don't have anywhere to stay that night so we decided to check in. The receptionist gave a free massage coupons for us to be used in the morning. The room was nice and comfortable BUT it was too quiet bcos we didn't have any neighbors, they put us in the back side of the hotel :|. Sorry we didn't took any pictures there.

After taking a break for a while, we got hungry. We walk to Discovery mall to find some food. We chose Solaria.

I ordered my favorite, seafood ifumie, and Anggi got a plate of fried fish with some capcay (veggies). After we got stuffed, we walk to Kuta beach road to take a look around. We didn't do much that night : sat in Deli Express and drank beer, took pictures of ourselves, chat, and sang the song "I Gotta Feeling" from Black Eyed Peas who were often played in Deli Express, that night we heard that song for like, 4 times -_-.

It was already late, so we go back to our hotel. In our way back, Anggi got an idea to find us a new and cheaper hotel in kuta beach road, and we chose Kodja Beach Inn, it costs us IDR300.000 (US$30) per night. Spacey room, comfortable bed, nice staff, and the most important thing, it's not spooky. So we book a room there for three nights and pay the IDR50.000 (US$5) down paymet and we're done. Oh! I forgot one thing, not far from our hotel there was a gift shop that still open that night so i bought myself a bali bag :).

Day one expenses :
*) Palm Beach Inn hotel room - IDR200.000 (US$20) | split 50 : 50 with Anggi
*) Airport taxi - IDR60.000 (US$6) | split 50 : 50 with Anggi
*) Dinner at Solaria - IDR30.000 (US$3)
*) Bali bag - IDR15.000 (US$1.50)
*) Bintang beer - IDR18.000 (US$1.80)
*) Kodja Beach Inn down payment - IDR50.000 (US$5)
Total : IDR373.000 (US$37.30)


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