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09 June 2009

Question of The Day, Why?

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Happy righteous day to you too

What is the purpose of this blog? i dunno. Maybe i want you to see this but i guess i'm just dreaming. That's not really the reason why i made this blog. I was wondering why did i. I'm a fan of yours since 2005 but i really don't have any courage to show people that i like you a lot, well my BF knew (ofcourse). It comes to my mind to join your mailing list, or your official forum, or else, but i don't know. I'm afraid. Silly isn't it? Maybe that's one of the reason why i made this blog. I can express myself through this. I don't have to worry on how people will react bcos i don't really know them. All of this times i put my writings to you on my books (i wrote it on random books).

I have the opportunity once to draft you my letter t
hrough Agnes (i mentioned her before). I spent so much times writing those letters, selecting the perfect sentences and words, wasting so much papers to wrote the same thing over and over again until i finally satisfied with my writing. But then what? I didn't give it to Agnes. Why? Yes, i am afraid. Why am i afraid? Well i was thinking that it might disturb you. Being you is difficult i suppose. Running from one country to another, pretend to be happy although your in a bad mood, and so on. I know you are a busy person and having almost no free time, so i guess if you're having any, you will use it well and maybe wouldnt read my stupid unimportant letter. I know i sound narrow.

Should i call it a phobia? No i guess not. It's just me being negative. I'm a negative thinking person, i must say. I'm facing so much in my life. Well i will not blame anyone or anything happens in my past life. Some of my friends have funny phobias lol. My boyfriend for example, he has phobia on dentist (it's a common thing so let's try another one :p). My boyfriend's friend, Ilman, is having this phobia on soups. Everytime he sees or smelling soup, he ran away. Once i made soup for my boyfriend's birthday and Ilman stays outside and wont come in to the house lol. Then we hide the soup at the kitchen so he can come inside. But my other friends still teased him with it.

Why can people have phobias? Some of them is bcos of their experience in past. But some of them even dont knwo where does it come from. Just like me. I don't know why am i afraid to pass my letter to Agnes that time. I dunno why am i afraid to join your forum or leave a comment in your blog. I am working on my courage :).

You know, wroting those 4 paragraphs took me almost 3 hours of typing. Haha. Still confused on what to write :p

Hope you enjoy your day



AudMraz said...

Hi Priska

stumbled here, lovely to know another JM fan :)

my JM blog : aremedyforabeautifulmess.blogspot.com


Priska Paramitha said...

Hi Aud :)

i've already checked yr blog but it says "doesnt found" x(

thanks fro visiting :)

Fifi said...

Hai! Apa kabar nih?
Tinggal di Jakarta ya?

I'm Jason's fan as well. :)

Priska Paramitha said...

iya fi, tinggal di jakarta :)

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