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10 June 2009

Every Second Worth

Hello Jason Mraz :)
Good morning! I haven't got any sleep yet today x(

A few minutes ago i received a call from a friend offered me a one month job as an MC in Jakarta Fair, one of the biggest event in Jakarta. He only gave me half a minute to think about the offer, not much time to say NO to a job, and i said yes. Now, i'm like "why did i said YES??".

One single word and it will make one month of my times completely ruined. I will be performing every single night from 7-10PM for a month! why why why did i take that offer. Why did i regret saying yes to a job? Well it's simple. I never thought someone will offer me a job as an MC. It is not my thing actually, i'm not that good at dealing with crowds. It is true that i have so many free times during my recess (i put in for leave to my campus), but i also got so many things to do. If i take that job then i'll put so many things on hold and i don't think that would be a good idea. It took me one second to say yes to one month in hell x(.

Every second's worth, true. I already put my example below. What about many other things? Here in Indonesia you can find beggars anywhere, even in the most spotted hangout places. Sad isn't it? If i put my shoes onto theirs, then i guess i will be more appreciate my every second, every peny, every single words in my life.

Another example from me. These past few weeks i wasted so many times sleeping instead of hanging out with my friends. How can i not? when i sleep, they're doing their routines. When i'm doing mine, they're sleeping. I'm having insomnia i guess, i sleep at 11AM and wake up at 7PM. What is actually my routines? i'm designing t-shirt all night long and busy promoting them to one forum to another, also hanging out with my BF (yes, we both have insomnia). Now my friends are gone. My cellphone is rarely ringing, my twitter is in a crisis, my facebook is so dead, etc. Who's to blame? Me, for wasting so many precious seconds in my life. Ooo i miss them so much :'(.

Here are some photos of me with my beloved friends

and finally.. the photo of me and my friends at JavaJazz Festival 2009. I'm the only one without uniform :(. I told you about what's going on that day on my first post.

Have a great day :),


Anonymous said...

you and your friends are too cute!

Priska Paramitha said...

thanks jenie :)

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