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10 January 2010

Kaskus Design Competition

Kaskus.us is holding a design competition right now and i decided to contribute. Idk what the prize is and i don't care. I'm just happy to filled my boredom with something useful like designing. So, here are my submissions :

1. Kaskus FJB Advertisement

2. Kaskus "Freedom of Speech" Ad / Wallpaper

3. Kaskus "Keyboard" Ad / Wallpaper

I'm thinking to submit more tho. Maybe later. I did this for my personal satisfaction anyway.

And finally, this is my fav one. This is NOT my submission. Here's the owner : http://kurniadi.deviantart.com, and this is his submission :

cool right ;)


Anna said...

Love them! The keyboard one is really cool :)
I'm following you by the way...I saw your answer on the follow swap blog! I like how varied yours is- mine is pretty similar! xoxox

Priska Paramitha said...

hey thanks :)

i'll follow you back in exchange. thanks for the lovely comment btw

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