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14 January 2010

If I Can Do Mind Reading

I've been thinking about this lately. What if i can read minds? Thats kinda cool but scary as well. It's cool if i read the minds of my haters or arch enemies or even people i hate but it's scary if i read the minds of people who i think they like me but in fact they don't.

If i can do mind reading, i will read the minds of people i already put on the list. Here are those people (I won't give you names cos that's rude) :

1. My boyfriend's ex
There's always something about ex, right? I don't know why but i think this girl is kinda annoying. I don't even like her at all, she once tried to seduced my boyfriend. Duh! I don't know if it is called seducing but from where i stands it se
emed like it. I wanted to know whats in her mind, what she feels for him right now. She dumped my boyfriend once and she feel sorry about that and said it to my boyfriend. It's ok with me at first, but then i heard about the seducing thingy and i got like "WTF"!! So, yeah.. i guess it will be nice to read her mind.

2. My arch enemy
There's this girl who hates me sooo much. It's like every time someone mentions my name she will be showing this cold hearted bitchy face.. i guess. Well, nearly 7 years ago she thought i was stealing her boyfriend which in fact i don't. She broke up with him for God's sake! How can i stole him if they already broke up? I didn't even know her before she and her friends terrorized me. I was only 13 at the moment, she was 15. Gimme a break. Her hatred onto me is still going on until this second i wrote this stuff. I thought it would be nice if we just let it go and be friends.. well not really but at least not enemies. I mean i'm through with that, why wouldn't she? That 'boy' i was talking about even already has a new girlfriend right now and they are really in a happy relationship! and even me and my arch enemy already has boyfriend now. It's so awkward how she still hates me for some expired reasons.

3. My best friend
She has a thing i couldn't share with you here that makes me wanna read her mind and change its direction if possible.

This is the one i want to read THE MOST!! He's been hacking me for these past three weeks and i'm so very annoyed with it! He logged into my facebook account and PLAY with it like its some kind of game or something. I have important data there. I connect with my customers there, my cousins, my old friends, etc. He removed 300 names from my friend list and added random people to it which i don't like btw. Plus he stole my zynga poker chips! It happens for more than 7 times so now i really hate him and curious, what is it that he wants?? Why did he do that??

There are the list of people who i really don't want to read their mind cos they seems nice and friendly and lovely so i don't want to spoil the surprise. The people on the photo below is on the list (guess, which one am i?)



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