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08 January 2010

Big Heart Breaks Easy

Some people i knew always look for me whenever they injured from broken heart. So i consider myself as a garbage disposal. They throw their shits to me then they feel relieved, at least decrease their burden. It's not that i don't want to hear them whining, in fact i'm happy to know the fact that they can decrease their burden after talking to me, but i'm curious about this thing people called love.

It's how love can make people feel imbecile and fragile. Love suppose to be fun, but i guess it wouldn't be fun after all when the person you love hurt you, right. I was injured, and not once. But i healed. This is what i'm trying to say to my dear friends. The wound can heal. Just bring your best positive attitude and gratitude to your love problem, and it will heal really fast.

"Positive attitude? Ok. But GRATITUDE?? Cmon"

That might be your question. Well, for me gratitude is some kind of remedy to everything bad. E.g, if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you, just think "oh this is good. God loves me, He didn't want me to be with that jerk so He let me caught him cheating so i can broke up with him. Thank you, dear God". Got me? No? Ok..

This is a quote from me : "If somebody hurt you, just consider it a lesson for you to make you stronger so then you can decrease the possibility for someone new to hurt you"


I sounded like i blabber wasn't i?

But yeah, it's how i heal. It's hard, i know. But you have to try or the wound will stay. Don't like my ideas? It's truly ok :). I was just giving suggestions.


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