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10 July 2009

Ready Steady Rock!!

Hello Jason Mraz :)
How do you do today?

Do you remember Java Festival Production (JFP)? the event organizer who held JavaJazz Festival? You performed there so i assume you remember :p. This august they will held a rock festival. It called Java Rockin' Land Festival. It will be held for three days (7,8,9 August 2009). This is their first rock fest, but i believe it will be as awsome as JavaJazz bcos i know they are professionals.

This morning i received a direct message on twitter and it's from John Vesely, the (only) member of Secondhand Serenade. He said that he can't wait to perform at Jakarta. I was kinda surprised. I don't expect him to reply my reply (oh how to say it errr) with direct message. After i read it, i was wondering "hmm if he said so, then is it possible that Secondhand Serenade are confirmed to perform at JRL Fest?" then i open JRL Fest's website and then i found his band on confirmed list. Yay!

Confirmed international artists for now are Secondhand Serenade, Mr.Big, Mew, Vertical Horizon, Renaissance Blvd, Motherjane (India), Melee, Jououka, and still much more question mark to replace. Deftones is still on the wish list while Stone Temple Pilots are out (Mr.Big was out of the wish list but then JFP surprises me when i saw it's name on confirmed list). Someone from Jakarta Concerts said JFP wants to surprise the crowd by bringing a surprising artist, some hope it will be Oasis or John Mayer (i hope it will be Michael Jackson or Nirvana, but.. yeah..)

I cant wait for this event! Too bad you won't be performing there, and too bad your Gratitude Cafe Tour did not reach Jakarta :'(. I'm still waiting for you to come here again (i wish). Ok, it's time for me to go to bed. My typhus is getting so much better but i still have to rest, a lot.

Goodnight and good day to you (it's day time in your plac
e i bet. Oh wow i just realized that we are in two completely different worlds lol)



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