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05 July 2009

When Good Things Gone Bad

Hello Jason Mraz
How do you do today?

Reaching for success is what everyone dream of. But when it really comes true, will they (or even me) be ready? There's this story about a group of guys who almost lost their selves bcos of this thing we called "success". They used to be nice people, well they still are but it's kinda different now. I still like them thou, but only as a person. But when they are gathered in one group.. Err.. I dunno. Well i just take it as "they're not ready yet to taste success" or maybe "at this time they're blinded by their success, but they will get their sight back one day"

Sometimes when you reach on something you wish for, it makes you think you can do anything. Sometimes it makes you arrogant, selfish (in their case, i call it 'group-ish' lol), etc. Success is a good thing, but being success doesn't as good as it seems (i guess). It took you hard work to go there, and it takes more and more hard work to keep you there. Don't lose your selves bcos the wheel of life keeps on spinning.

So, don't let the "success" thing blinds us all :)

Jason this writing is not about you i guarantee. I know you're on top on your success right now but it's not that i tease you or anything, i'm just telling something about what my friends are dealing right now x).

I really have to go to bed right now, yesterday i went to the doctor and she said i got typhus so i have to rest most of the times for at least one week until i get better.

Love ya :)


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