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26 July 2009

What I Like Best About Night Time

I have insomnia, to be honest. I often sleep at 8 or 9AM. I'm kind of enjoying it, but sometimes having problem bcos of it.

What i like best about night time :

1. I love the sound of silence. Day time in Jakarta can be so noisy e.g bus honks, noisy mufflers, crazy yelling people, etc. In night time i found peace and quiet.

2. I love too see few cars on the road, makes me drive easier and don't have to worry about traffic jam.

3. As you know, Indonesia has tropical climate, which means we can see sun all year long. Sun = hot air, skin burn, sunblock, tanned skin (tanned skin is not hot for indonesians), etc, which i don't like. So, i prefer night time, why? Moon = stars, city lights, warm / cold air (depends on the season), lotion, no skin burn, etc.

4. Privacy (if i'm in the house). Day time can be so noisy, the sound of television, my dog's bark, my maid's mumbling (a cute mumble lol, she's on the list of my important person, she's like family), the sound of my brother's PSP / playstation, etc. Look at my older posts, did i ever write things after 9AM? No. I need privacy when i write blog, and i can have it on night time. If i did write it like in 7AM or so on like now, it must be of this insomnia.

5. Less police. Well umm, in this case.. I lost my ID =|.

I always enjoy driving on night time rather than day time. I really love to see city lights from top of the building and taking pictures of them sometimes. I really love how night time smells. It smells different. Maybe bcos in night time many cars or buses or else are 'sleeping' so there are less pollution, or.. I dunno. It is just.. different.

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