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20 July 2009

#IndonesiaUnite - WE ARE NOT AFRAID!!

Hello Jason Mraz
How are you?

KAMI TIDAK TAKUT means WE ARE NOT AFRAID in english. 3 days since the bombing at JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton here at Jakarta and we Indonesians are still mourning over it. 9 people dead, and many injured. #IndonesiaUnite has been #1 trending topic on twitter. The youth are taking action by saying "We Are Not Afraid" and putting hashtag #indonesiaunite to their every twit. Every indo tweeps adds indonesian flag twibbon to their avatar, many making songs of "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" thing to show that they care. Pandji, who is a public figure and also tweeps, wear a "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" t-shirt on tv and sing the anthem. It really gives me the chill. For the first time i saw my fellow Indonesian really really really unite as one to defend our country and it feels really good knowing that many people still care. Pete Wentz, Michelle Branch, and Joel Madden also supports us on twitter.

I don't know what is the terrorist's purpose. Police assume that the person who's responsible for this is Noordin M. Top, a fugitive foreigner from Malaysia. Still remember Bali Bombing? It was him and Dr. Azahari who did it. Azahari died, but Noordin M. Top is still around.

What's the purpose of terroring? Making people afraid. And now, Indonesian wants to tell him or whoever responsible for this that we are not afraid, and we won. If God wants me dead, then i'll be dead. If not, then i'm not. As simple as that.

Have a great day,
Priska Loves INDONESIA.


bumblebeesies said...

Hey there, I have to express my condolences about the ordeal your country is going through. I am indian and a few months ago a hotel were attacked in our country too. It was one of the most terrifying things I have ever witnessed. We do not deserve to go through life like this, I am sorry.


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