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20 May 2010


Hey y'all!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been busy re-branding me and Anggi's clothing line and been busy doing garage and truck sale to earn some money. I've been thinking to quit my job at TOJ since many of my friends and family told me to. I haven't attend work for four days since monday for this reason and this reason only. Do I have to quit? We'll see. I enjoy working there but I need to get paid. My mom said "you have to make sure you get your right before you quit, in this case, your paycheck. They can't treat you like that", even my lecturer told me the same thing :|

Enough of the blah-blahs, I've got something for you! A hilarious FAIL STARBUCKS AD! This picture made me LOL!

What was Starbucks thinking to approve this ad?!


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