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01 May 2010

I Just Had a Car Crash!

11.50pm midnight, me and my friends were heading to Dinda's birthday at Equinox Plaza Senayan. It's not really her party tho but she's the birthday girl so.. yeah. Anw, as we arrived at Plaza Senayan complex and almost reach Arcadia, which only meters away from the actual Plaza Senayan, suddenly a Grand Livina came towards my car slowly from the opposite direction, I stir my steering wheel to the left to avoid the car. It goes closer and closer and closer and then BAM! The Grand Livina's driver push the gas to it's limit and hit my car SO HARD and ran away. Lucky us we survived the car crash. My friend, Ilma, yelled "TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND! CHASE THE CAR! CHASE THE CAR!", so then I turn around and chase the Grand Livina while making a loud noise by honking my horn. "CLOSE THE PORTAL!," I yelled to Plaza Senayan securities while still driving. It was quite a chase. I got off my car and hit the Grand Livina with my right arm and yelled "GET OFF THE CAR FUCKER GET OFF THE DAMN CAR!!", he stare at me like it was nothing so then i continue my yelling "YOU BUST MY GODDAMN CAR GODDAMNIT! GET OFF THE CAR YOU MORON!". A lot of swearing tonight. Yep, a lot.

Ilma's boyfriend, Erpe, then arrived and ask me whats going on and i told him "That jackass bust my car! He's intentionally hit my car with his!". My boyfriend then called "Where are you?," He said. "Get here asap! I'm at blablabla and somebody's just blablabla". I called my dad and said "Pop! Can you get here somebody's just blablabla". Lots of explaining and calling.

Erpe tried to make the man get out of his car for 15 minutes before it works. He get out of the car and guess what.. HE'S DRUNK! like, TOTALLY! He can't stand with his own feet. He speaks unclear. Etc etc. DUI! DUI! I can't sue him tho cos I just lost my drivers license so that could be a problem.

My car now looks TERRIBLE. His car? WORSE. He lost his bumper, car fan, etc etc. My car only had a huge bruise. 

The Grand Livina losts it's bumper

The Grand Livina's right side. Look at the wheels!


We texts our (best)friend and told her we can't go upstairs to Dinda's party due to the accident we just had. She said, "ADUH SORRY YAH GW GA MUNGKIN KEBAWAH". A few hours later Dinda twat "KECEWA!!!!!"; means : dissaponted!!!! with a lot of exclamation mark. Don't get me wrong, we already congrats her a happy birthday and told her we just had a pretty bad accident and cant get there and I assume she's disappointed we don't make it to her party and fail her to give a surprise. Thats best friend? Uh oh.. No way girl. They were upstairs having a party and we were downstairs at the parking lot having trouble and they won't even take a look at us, not even a THANKS for the congratulations and the cupcakes we bought her, well WAS. The cupcakes are pretty much in bad shape after the accident :s.

Tomorrow we'll figure something out after the Livina's driver "awake". I have his vehicle license, his ID, and his wife's cell number in my wallet now so he can't run away.


mundo_idiot said...

i hozp thz accidn as surpris especially ha ha ha

Janitra said...

oh my God, I hope you're okay! :(

bandit™perantau said...

hope the everyone and everything just be fine..!

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