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10 February 2010


whats wrong in having them? not that i would disappointed when they did not come true. yea well maybe a little. okay, a lot. i have dreams i want to accomplish. i want to do something for my life. i dream big. nothing's wrong with that right?

but it's so hard if you are in my position where nobody supports you. i kinda hope my family and friends will support me, but what can i say. i came from a broken family and they seem like they have their own problems, i have no friends, and by friends i mean real friends, not just a bunch of people i know. so yeah. i think i can deal with that.. or not. idk..

i'm just too afraid to tell them about this, about my dream. i'm afraid they'll laugh at me. i dream too big. i don't have anybody i could trust. esp my family who, btw, never even once support me.

my glass is empty!! not half empty but really is empty. i need to find the water to fill it up. wish me luck.


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