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19 February 2010

Bali : The Sweet Escape

I plan to go to Bali with a friend next monday for five days. Temporarily escaping from the madness and boredom we have in Jakarta. I've never been to Bali before, so it will be my first time stepping these feet to that beautiful island. We travel in budget, so we decided to book the cheapest airplane ticket for that date by Lion Air (1,435,000IDR for two persons, round trip) and the cheapest hotel / guest house we can find. We haven't decided where to stay yet.

I have 5,000,000IDR (approx $500) in my saving and actually it's the money i save to go to the USA next august (or september). I have to collect $5,000 to go to the USA, $4,500 more to go. But whatever, i'll find some other way to get that money.

Can't wait to fly next monday! Girls day out! Yippeeeeee!


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