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05 November 2009

Such a Terrible Loss

It's been a while since my last post. Sorry i'm kinda busy doing college and my job at the same time.

November 3rd 2009 was a sad day for me. I lost my best friend. He died of parvo virus. That virus was so cruel it didn't let him live for a day.

November 3rd 2009, 8.30am :
He was not like he used to be. He was so quiet, sat in the corner of the balcony all alone.

10.00am :
Biting his tounge, had a watery eye, was having dysentery.

11.30am :
My boyfriend's mom brought him to a vet. The vet said his temperature has reached 41°, the chance of living is 50:50. He injected him with vitamin and medicine to stop the dysentery. The vet also said that he must be quarantined so the virus don't get to other dogs.

12am :
He arrived at my boyfriend's mom's house, quarantined, not having desire to eat, drink. Have to force him to drink by using some kind of straw and force him to open his mouth

2pm :
My boyfriend's mom leave the house to buy him vitamins, medicine, etc etc

3.30pm :
She got home and got him already froze.

Only 3 days more to his 1st birthday, and now he's gone already. It was shocking and unacceptable.

I never consider him as a pet but as a member of a family, a best friend. He will always be remembered and loved.



turut berduka citaa prissss :(

Priska Paramitha said...

iya shasy makasih ya syg :(

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