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24 June 2010

New Baby!

New camera! Arrived at my house yesterday. It's Aquapix waterproof camera, and it's ORANGE! Yay! (I know the pic below is yellow, i'm not color-blind ya know -_-, but mine's definitely orange :D) I ordered it in FJB Kaskus. I got it on a cheap deal, IDR150.000, brand new in box.

Aquapix image courtesy : Magnifik on flickr.

YOU! You will be here, at my house, and will be having fun capturing moments with me, next (week)! Three lenses Disderi cam!

Disderi image courtesy : Joe Thunders and Graustark on flickr

It's sad to announce but i sold my 600 Business Edition XR Polaroid, it's a rare one, XR type and stuffs. I have my reasons to release that baby. It's getting harder to find the 600 film for polaroid in Jakarta, and if there's someone who actually sell it, the price will wow me or sells fast. I can find the film on e-bay tho but.. naah. Why don't keep it as a valuable prop? good question. Now let me question you back, why keep it? I don't use it much since the films are awfully expensive. So, why not sell it to someone who need that polaroid? It's in a safe hand now, my photographer friend, Michael Ruru, bought my polaroid three or four days ago. The pic below is not my actual polaroid (you can see, it's not an XR), i grabbed the pic from google. I have the actual pic but it's not a good one, blurry and stuffs, the point is, it's not a good picture. Cheer me up! I'm sad x(


Mirdza Annisa said...

Kak, kalau yang Aquapix sama Three Lenses itu pakai film yang biasa atau gimana? Hehe

Priska Paramitha said...

dua-duanya pake roll film yang 135mm syg :), kamu cari aja di fuji film atau di kaskus banyak kok. hope it helps :)

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