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19 June 2010

Celebrating The 2148th Day

Today is the 2148th day me and my boyfriend been together. Why decided to post this post on the 2148th day and not the 2000 instead? No reason actually. I told you i want to tell you something about whats happening recently, and here i am telling you one. 

A week ago we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. Since it's our anniversary, we want it to be special. We decided to go out of town for a day, having a quality time together away from any craziness in Jakarta. But it turned out to be a disaster. He supposed to come to my house at 5AM, but he arrived at 7AM which really pissed me off. I wasn't talking to him as i was upset about the whole thing. He tried to make things up and book a reservation at The Edge, Kemang for dinner. I told him to cancel the reservation bcos i was craving for escargot, but turned out he can't cos he already paid the down payment. I've never been to The Edge before, but i saw the pics online and the pics are good. So yeah, why not give it a try. 

As we arrived there, i asked the front man about the reservation my boyfriend made. "Oh yeah.. Pick any seat you want", the front main said. I was like.. WTF! My boyfriend told The Edge to pick us the best seat and make the evening perfect and there they are. I mean, what's the point of making reservation if it turned out like that?

The appetizer came out, a salad. I tasted the salad and yes, i love the salad. Then the entrĂ©e came out, a salmon-whatever, i thought it tasted nice but.. YUCK. I've tasted a salmon-whatever better in a food court :(. My boyfriend's dish is no better than mine. Last, the dessert. A something-something contains ice cream in it. Too sweet for me (i'm not really into sweets). I ordered a glass of mojito, and yea.. You can guess.. Another failure. The entire room is a failure. The pictures are lying, The Edge is not as good as it seem. The waiters are hard to get, the place is spacey (not in a good way), etc.

I'm not in a good mood that evening so i told my boyfriend to phone his brother and ask him whether he want to spend the evening with us and he agreed. So, we spent the evening at Plaza Senayan watching Karate Kid.

I know my boyfriend spent a lot of money, time, and a hard effort to please me that day thats why i want to say thanks. Thanks for your effort, thanks for your patient, thanks for not stop loving me these past three years, thanks for having me the way i am, thanks for your surprises, thanks for your warm good nights, and many things else i can't mention cos it won't fit here. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I love you, and you know that, right.

We don't celebrate our anniversary each and every month like some couples do.. We celebrate it in some other way.. Loving each other and a simple thanks for every day.


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