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02 April 2010

The Number 226 : Best, Worst, and The Mosts.

So far, 226 people already congrats me a happy birthday with or without noticing the April fools. Yes, i count.

First person
Rachmat Anggara : "Pris.. Selamat ulang taun ya besok! Hahahahaa.. Gw pertama!" Meaning : Congrats on your birthday tomorrow, Pris. I'm the first! LOL!

The most surprising
Pramaditya Fathamulia : "Happy birthday there, Ska! Besssttest wishes ever.. Haha" -- usually he's rude. lol. (some friends call me Ska, it's one of my nicknames. well, i only have two nicknames actually. Priska and Ska)

The most not surprising
Wahyu Gamal (my boyfriend) : "Happy birthday, i love you! (holding a cake with dying candles)" -- he did that every year xD

The most wrong
Arga Silalahi : "Happy bday, Fris! Success!" -- my name is not Friska -____-

The most meaningless
Priananda Ilham Muhammad : "R u happy now? Congrats!" -- i didn't ask anything from him O.O

The most i-don't-know-who-the-hell-is-this-person
Resty Maulida Sonath : "Hbyaaaaa" -- ?!?!?!

The youngest
Fega Andriana : "Kak Priska, happy birthday yaa kak, semoga apa yang dicita-citakan terkabul :)" Meaning : Happy birthday Priska. May all your wishes come true. -- she's 13 or something.

The most oh!-your-so-nice
Kelfin Fachruddin : "Ndut, selamat ulang tahun.. Semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, dan murah rejeki ya" Meaning : Happy birthday, Chub (short for chubby). May u'll always be healthy, fortuned. Live long."

The most RT sponger (via twitter)
@HandraMaulana: RT @uhktezahra: RT @NadiaOkaa: Happy birthday @priskaparamitha

The sweetest
Sheila Aisha : "(taking away my blanket in 10am, wake me up from my sleep) I heard talks that today is your birthday. Happy birthday! YOUR CAR IS GONE! WAKE UP DUMBASS!" -- later on another friend, Rininta Anggi, came with a birthday cake. With candles! Yay! A morning surprise :)

The most OMG
Angga Gustian : "OMG..................!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIS!" -- with capslock. so i think this deserves the most omg. lol. he seem shocked.

The most fake
Suci Apriyani : "Happy Birthday Priska Paramitha. Wish you all the best. I miss youu!" -- nah.. she didn't miss me.

The most how-do-you-know?
Masaru Taftryo Betha : "Happy birthday Priskaa.. #45menit pertama bales2in ucapan selamat sampe ketiduran nih hahaha" Meaning : Happy birthday Priskaa.. I bet the first 45 minutes you'll reply the birthday congratulations until you fell asleep hahaha"

The most funny
Mamet Ramadhan Reksya (MRR) : "Eeee Priskaaaaa selamet ulang tahun yaaaaaa :)"
Me : "Eeee Ameeet. Masih di Mitra meeet?"
MRR : "E buset kita udah di rumah ini, besok brarti besok ditraktir dong? Hahaha"
Me : "Traktir aqua aja gimane? yang penting iklas guanya kan begitu kan. Hahaha"
MRR : "Gpp aqua tapi disamping aqua ada twister ciki ada kacang martabak tipker terus kue tar trus sate padang, ati ampela lele goreng ayam bakar"
Me : "Ya puyeng meeet!"
I won't translate this, dunno if in english it would still be funny :s

The 226th person
Amanda Callista : "BBM mati ya, Ska? Kok gw bbm ga 'd'?? Btw once again, happy bday.. i'm the last, so there won't be the 2nd or 3rd right?" Meaning : Your blackberry messenger is off, eh? I sent you message but it didn't said "D" (delivered). Btw, once again, Happy Bday.. ~ 

All are so nice. I can't decide which one is the best.

NONE! They're all nice :)


Anonymous said...

I was about to say Happy Birthday then I read the part about April Fools lol

Priska Paramitha said...

LOL it was srsly my birthday :D

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