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01 February 2010

Atheism Rant

Some of you might know KimDonesia, an Australian ex-muslim turn atheist. She's kinda famous on youtube. I twat her today about her new "belief" a.k.a atheist. I was just speaking my own opinion about the thing called atheism or disbelieve in God and then she replied and rant about it.

First off, i don't really care what she believe. I don't care what was her religion, I don't care if she's an atheist, and I don't even care if she worship a stone or an ashtray or whatever.

I have two 'make sense' reasons why i think believing in God is so much better than disbelieve.

1. If i'm an atheist and one day i die and i am wrong about the existence of God (God do exist), then you can imagine what God will do to me in hell. But otherwise, if i'm non-atheist (i do believe in God) and one day when i die i find out that i am wrong (God don't exist) then i have nothing to lose. Right?
2. Believing in God automatically makes you believe in boundaries, limits, and rules. Imagine what will this world be without any boundaries etc. It will be a total chaos.

Afaik, atheists usually questioning everything. If they can't touch it or see it, then they won't believe that it's real. Atheists usually believe in science. So my question is, can science explain Adam n Eve?


Brian Westley said...

" So my question is, can science explain Adam n Eve?"

Yes. That's a myth. Science shows that humans evolved over millions of years from earlier species, and that the human race could not possibly be the offspring of two humans a few thousand years ago.

As for your reasons:

1) is just Pascal's wager. It's faulty reasoning, because you are ignoring many other possibilities, like a god who actually rewards atheists for being skeptical, or a god who punishes absolutely everyone.

2) is no argument for any gods to actually exist, it's just an argument from authority to justify laws. Many laws based on religion are horrible, by the way.

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